Monthly Archives: January 2012


There’s a New Graphic Design Podcast in Town

Over the past few years, I have gotten to know a handful of good, solid, informative and entertaining podcasts dedicated to issues of today’s graphic designer. I anticipated the days when a new episode would come out, because I genuinely enjoyed listening to people I respected talking about design. Then for one reason or another, the shows that I had come to love slowly started falling off the radar. Months would sometimes go by between episodes before they just stopped completely. It sucked, but I understood. There’s really no money in podcasting, and they probably just got busy.

But it inspired me to pick up the slack and start a podcast of my own. I contacted several designer friends that I have known over the years, as well as some new friends. Two amazing designers (Brandon Voss & Mikelle Morrison) stepped up to the plate to help me out with this undertaking, and are now my co-hosts on the newly launched “The Deeply Graphic DesignCast.” I think the three of us have a great chemistry together, and between us we have a lot of practical advice to offer based on lots of personal and professional experience.

We are currently in the “New & Noteworthy” top 3 in the design category on iTunes, and are getting very good reviews so far. So far it has been an incredibly rewarding experience, and most importantly, we aren’t going anywhere for a while. So feel free to get to know us, subscribe on iTunes, and please write a short review or give us a star rating if you enjoy the show.

Also, we answer a listener question on each episode, so send your questions to questions@ and if we pick yours, we will be sure to notify you so that you can listen to our answer.


The Deep End’s “Website of the Day” Awards are Live!

As a part of our ongoing efforts to be a design community resource, The Deep End has just launched something that we are very excited about: a daily website design award. We will be taking submissions from you, our readers, then we will choose one winner each day. We will be judging the sites entered on 3 criteria: Creativity (50%), Usability (25%), and Content (25%).

You can enter your site (or any other site you come across) by using the form located on the website design awards page. Just fill it out, including description, and upload a screenshot. The winner will receive a permanent link on this site, as well as a badge that they can display on their site.

Good luck, we can’t wait to share your submissions!