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Charging for Your Value

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Are you charging for your time or for the value you bring your clients? If you're using time, you're selling yourself (and your clients) short! Listen why.


Supplementing with Subcontractors

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Want to grow your design business? One of the best ways is to find reliable talent and hire them as subcontractors. Listen for advice how to do just that.


Advice for the Graduating Design Student

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Whether you're about to graduate from design school, or just want some awesome interviewing and portfolio tips, Nick's got the advice!


DesignCast 130: A Good, Old Fashioned Listener Question Show

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We've reached 130 episodes, and we're celebrating by clearing out the ol' inbox and answering as many listener questions as we can fit in. Enjoy!


Qualifying Your Clients

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Your prospective clients are sizing you up, shouldn't you be doing the same? Here's how to quickly qualify your clients to see if they are a good fit.


Getting Our Mood Board On

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Mood boards are an awesome way to quickly establish a visual direction — before you start the actual design process. Listen for tips & tricks you can use!


Project Minimums to Maximize Business

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Every graphic or web designer needs a project minimum — the price or scope that must be reached before you'll consider taking on a project. Listen why!


Be Your Own Trendsetter

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We talk a lot about design trends, but when is it time to break away from the pack and try something totally different? Listen in as we discuss how and why.


Diving Deep into Discovery

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Discovery is important to any design project. Listen to our methods, and how discovery allows us to solve real problems and make real money doing it.


Web Design Trends We Can Expect in 2017

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Listen as the gang talks about the latest trends in web design for 2017. Some are purely visual, while some can actually help boost conversions.


Every episode of The Deeply Graphic DesignCast podcast covers a new graphic design-related topic, and a few relevant tangents along the way. We also answer listener-submitted questions in every episode.

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