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video Logo design success story: Juiciér Juice Bar

Nothing beats an afternoon smoothie at the beach.

Except maybe an afternoon smoothie at the beach without getting eaten alive by blood-thirsty killing machines a.k.a., Sharks. Anyway, I never knew the joys of this (the smoothie, not the sharks) until we were contacted by new logo design client Juiciér, an upcoming juice bar here in Los Angeles. Watch this video to see our logo design process in action!

Our logo design process

Your logo is the face of your brand. It should be striking, easily recognized and appropriate to your business. Ultimately, establishing a positive connection with your customers is the goal of a good logo design. Los Angeles and national businesses alike have benefited from our approach, and we have designed many successful logos across a wide variety of industries.

Every good logo is born out of collaboration between the company and the designer. We ask a lot of questions and listen to the answers to find a clear-cut direction. Once we have established the brand objectives and your target market, we get to work designing. We then get your feedback, and make any necessary adjustments before handing off the final files. We can even take things a step further, and establish a brand style-guide for your business. This serves as a printed set of rules that any designer or in-house team must follow when using your new logo, and is quite useful to establish consistency in regard to your brand. Here is what we offer:

Logo design

With your input, we research, design and refine the perfect logo for your business or product, ensuring that it reflects your brand messaging  and speaks directly to your target market.

Style guide development

A well written style guide can be invaluable when it comes to preserve your brand. We can author a style guide for your current logo, or include one with your new logo design to ensure consistency across a wide variety of mediums and lay down strict guidelines for how your logo may be manipulated and displayed.

Things to think about when beginning the logo design process

We ask plenty of questions prior to beginning the logo design process. The answers to these questions play a huge part in the direction we take. Here are some of the questions we may ask:

  • What is the demographic of your audience?
  • Who are you main competitors?
  • What makes you different from your competitors?
  • What do you want your logo design to accomplish?
  • Do you have any preferred colors, or any existing brand colors?
  • What feeling or mood would you like your logo to invoke?
  • Will your logo be used primarily for the web, print, or both?
  • What are some existing company logos that appeal to you?

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