designer fails

Designer Fails

Any designer who’s made it will tell you they failed a LOT on the way up. It’s the best way to learn — at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves. And the Deeply Graphic gang is no different. Listen to our tales of woe, and what we learned from biting it over the years.

And since we got several great fail stories from our listeners, we have those sprinkled throughout the episode as well. Thanks to Ricky, Kyle and Joshua for opening up and sharing what they learned with the rest of us!

As always, we answer a new listener question about whether or not you should hand over those working files, (and what you should charge for them if you do.)

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clients from hell

Clients From Hell

Working with great design clients is what makes our job so amazing. Then there are the OTHER ones. Clients who don’t value your work. Clients who give vague feedback, or who will “know it when they see it.” Most of the time, this is all on us as the designer — we haven’t properly communicated our process or our value. But what about those times when you just have a “client from Hell?”

This week, we’re joined by former editor-in-chief of Clients From Hell, Bryce Bladon. We talk all about these types of clients: warning signs to look out for, how to bow out gracefully, and how to just get the f*** out when necessary. You’ll learn what to include in your contract, and how to handle yourself in these sticky situations.

We also answer a listener question about “how old is too old” to get started in graphic design. (Spoiler alert, it isn’t 25.)

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adobe creative cloud

What’s Coming to Creative Cloud?

Every designer basically lives, works and breathes in the Adobe Creative Cloud. So this week, we have Adobe’s Michaël Chaize on with us to discuss upcoming additions, as well as a few cool things you can currently use that you may not have known about. (We were all surprised by a few things that we can’t wait to try!)

We also talk about the cool things we can expect to do/see/learn at the upcoming AdobeMax conference in Vegas. And of course, we answer a new listener question about social media kits for clients.

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DesignCast 140: Listener Question Show!

We made it to 140 fun-filled episodes, and to celebrate, we’re digging deep into our mailbag to answer six new burning questions from listeners like you.

Whether you’re a print or web designer, seasoned vet or newbie, there’s something here for everyone!

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graphic design recurring revenue

Recurring Revenue Packages

Did you know it costs about five times as much to acquire a new client than it takes to maintain an existing one? Knowing that, why do so many designers “one and done” it with their clients?

In this episode, the gang talks about some great ways to keep your existing customers by offering ongoing services that benefit you both. For example, if you design websites, why not offer a monthly SEO service that helps them attract visitors? We’ll talk about how to structure and price your packages, as well as how to pitch them to your new and existing clients.

We also answer a new listener question about what to post on social media to attract, educate and entertain prospective clients, rather than just other designers.

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Proposals: Put in the Work!

One of our very first shows was about proposals, but we’ve gained a lot of knowledge since those early days, and we have a lot of new proposal tips to share with you. Listen as the gang talks about all aspects of the proposal process, including the writing process, things to include, and how to properly deliver a proposal to a prospect.

Yes, a proposal done right can mean a lot of upfront (sometimes unpaid for) work. But if you do it right, it will pay off, big time.

We also answer a new listener question about niching while still advertising that you have generalist capabilities.

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advertising your graphic design business

An Ad-ucation in Advertising Your Design Business

Unless you have all the business you can handle, AND you are making the kind of money you deserve, you should probably consider advertising in one way or another. In this episode, the gang discusses the various platforms available that work in 2017. We talk about paid options, but Mikelle has another method that she has had great success with that won’t cost you a dime.

We also have a big announcement in this episode that you won’t want to miss!

And we of course answer a new listener question regarding how to handle case studies when your clients don’t provide you enough hard data.

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2017 logo design trends podcast

Talkin’ 2017 Logo Trends in the LogoLounge

It’s that time of year again. The smell of freshly cut grass in your nose, the taste of vodka with just a splash of lemonade on your tongue, and the sweet sounds of Bill Gardner talking about this year’s logo design trends all up in your earbuds! That’s right kiddies, it’s time for the 2017 LogoLounge Trend Report, and we’ve got it all right from the source.

Listen as we talk about all the latest logo design trends, and how we got here. It’s a fascinating conversation, and we highly recommend following along with the report, which you can find here:

Our conversation was so engrossing, we actually ran out of time for a listener question — a first for our show. But don’t worry, we’ll get back on track next time.

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mobile optimization checklist

The Mobile Optimization Checklist

I’ll bet most of you either specialize in web design, or at least offer it as a client service. Like it or not, in 2017 (and beyond,) this means you need to know how to design for mobile devices. With over half of Internet browsing taking place on mobile, we as designers can no longer afford to ignore it.

In this episode, we go through a checklist of everything you need to think about in order to satisfy mobile users, as well as search engines in regard to mobile web design. We cover two major areas:

  1. Site speed
  2. User experience

We also tackle a new audio question about whether turning to UX/UI design can result in fewer client objections.

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SEO for designers

Designing with SEO in Mind

If you offer web design services, how well do you know the mysterious art of SEO? For any noobs out there, that stands for “search engine optimization,” and is usually a very important aspect to almost any website. Any SEO expert will tell you that it’s always better to plan your search strategy from the beginning, but all too often, it is added in at the last minute as an afterthought.

In this episode, Wes offers some basic training in planning SEO from the start, and how that will impact the rest of the project. if you can nail the basics, any site you design will be in a much better position when the real work of link-building begins.

We also answer a new listener question about making your phone number public, and the types of clients you might attract that way (and how to better qualify them.)

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