Bonus Episode!

By: Wes McDowell | May 30th, 2012 | 9 comments

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We recorded a full-length bonus episode just for our fans! This one isn’t available on iTunes, and the only way to download it is by clicking on the button below:

All you have to do is tweet about us or post to your Facebook page about us. This is our way of giving something extra to our fans who want to spread the word about our show. We love doing it, and we just want to reach as many designers as we can, so thanks for all the support!

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9 Responses to Bonus Episode!

  1. Eric Robinson says:

    Hilarious! Hearing you guys let loose after 13 episodes was awesome! I love how I can honestly say I feel like I know you guys. I really appreciate what you have going on here. Its not just a podcast that I download and listen to, it’s an experience. Its interactive. The show links, the comedy, everything. Its just really great. Im in with you guys for the long haul, and I really hope you guys keep this up. I plan on calling in and leaving a voicemail soon because thats awesome. I think theres a lot of talent here.

    Personally I am just another graphic design student hoping to break into the industry. Im a little nervous about it, because of this poor economy, and my lack of experience. But just visiting this site has really inspired me to try getting my name out there and giving me some good ideas. Dribbble was the first thing I got out of your podcast, and I visit it every day for inspiration and time-killing.

    Great work here guys! One last note – all of you remind me of myself in one way or another. Which makes me feel good about getting into the industry.

    • Wes McDowell says:

      Hey Eric, that is so great to hear. Its awesome to have listeners like you who get what we’re doing. It makes it all worth it for us! So keep listening, we’re just gettin started, and send in that question!

  2. hi guys, i am currently working from home and listening to you makes it feel more like a studio, more inspiring and less lonely – so thank you. :) keep up the good work!

  3. Konstantin Yanakiev says:

    Awesome podcast guys. As Eric said it’s an experience which is a success by all means! I only a recently found out about this, but I have DLed and listened all the episodes so far. They are so coool.

    When I saw the Bonus episode, I was so hyped up. I DL-ed through FB though, not Twitter. I expected it to be totally off the previous format, but….it wasn’t. Not that it is bad. But “Bonus” guys, I expected you to talk about something hilarious like mince pie mega-discussion or go totally in the bushes with some not-so-design connected topic. :) But well, it was still worth it. I actually listened to it twice. I hope the next Bonus episode- will be a real surprise one 😉

  4. Rick Barrett says:

    Hello! Huge thank you first!!!
    I am a relatively new designer in the UK. I’m not specifically qualified in Design, (have a degree in Communications and Online Media) but everything is starting off well for me at , but you helped me so so much to get a feel for what its like in the industry. There arena many other designers in my area, and you guys help me feel like I am part of the community!

    • Wes McDowell says:

      Thanks Rick, glad to know that you’re getting that from the podcasts, that was our goal all along!

  5. Beth says:

    Hello all! I love your podcast, but I just had some serious issues when I tried to download the bonus episode that I wanted to let you know about. The pay with tweet program installed five or six extra programs on my computer, one of which is uninstallable and based on some initial googling may be a virus of some kind. The program also changed my default homepage in my browser and the default search engine. There may be more, but so far, that’s what I’ve noticed. Needless to say, I’d love to listen to the bonus episode, but I don’t think I’m going to try again.

    • Wes McDowell says:

      Hi Beth, I’m sorry to hear that, I have not heard of this issue before. It was my first time dealing with the pay with a tweet program, and it was working fine for a while. Wonder if something has changed on their end. Anyway, if you want to email me privately, I can send you the link to the episode without having to go through that system. My email is: wes@ Thanks for letting me know about the issue.