DesignCast 64: Social Media Tips for Designers

By: Wes McDowell | June 25th, 2014 | 1 comment

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Social media is here to stay, fellow designers. While the platforms may change and shift over time, twitter, facebook, linkedin, instagram and pinterest remain solid ways of connecting with clients, as well as other creatives. In this episode, we have special guest Chuck Anderson, from No Pattern talking with us about all things social media. We go over the big ones, and how we use them to our ultimate advantage in our own design businesses. As always, the conversation takes a few random twists and turns, but its all a part of the journey.

Speaking of social media, this week we got a great listener question via twitter about how to prioritize projects when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

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One Response to DesignCast 64: Social Media Tips for Designers

  1. Johnathan says:

    Lol, scratch that last part. Just listened to the latest podcast. Awesome tips!

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