DesignCast 5 : Fixed vs. Hourly Pricing For Designers

By: Wes McDowell | January 30th, 2012 | 8 comments

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Every web & graphic designer I know has pretty strong feelings about how to price their services. They seem to fall into 2 camps: fixed pricing and hourly pricing. In this episode of the podcast, the gang talks about the pros and cons of each method, and gives some insight as to why they charge the way they do. As always, there are differing opinions and some spirited conversation. They also answer a pricing-related listener question and offer some tips & tricks in the “Do Yourself a Favor” segment.

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8 Responses to DesignCast 5 : Fixed vs. Hourly Pricing For Designers

  1. Please keep up the podcast. I am 28 and after going back to school, I graduate in May from Love listening to podcast while designing, its nice to hear what it’s like on the outside. Maybe you could talk about what it might be like for someone like me, and what challenges might I have to overcome.

    • Wes McDowell says:

      Thanks Kyle! Specifically what challenges are you talking about? just general challenges that recent design grads might face?

  2. Vann Baker says:

    I recently found your podcast and you are providing a lot of great information for all designers, whether they are early in their career or a pro.

    Regarding backups . . . I have a Mac Pro and in one drive bay I have a partitioned drive that backs up my working projects and business files, as well as making a backup of my startup drive. I use Super Duper to clone the and this has been a lifesaver when maybe a startup drive issue pops up. I can boot from the daily backup drive and continue working then repair the startup drive later.

    I also do weekly backups with two other drives, and I keep one off-site. While this seems like a lot of work, once it’s set up it’s easy to do and avoids work slow down due to a drive that crashes.

    • Wes McDowell says:

      That sounds like a pretty bulletproof system you have in place, i’m impressed! I just use an online backup system called BackBlaze. Its $5 a month and it just works in the background and backs up files as they are created or modified. As someone who’s not super-techie, it works pretty well for me so far. Thanks for listening Vann!

  3. Vann says:

    Hi Wes, we’ve come a long way . . . in the early days of the Mac I used diskettes, then Syquest disks and a stint with an internet startup got me into the disaster recovery mode, or “worst case scenario” (in the late 1990s before any of the online services were available).

    I wish I could just use an online backup solution, and one of these days I may be able better separate vital files from archives and internal files that are not utilized often . . . but I do like the fact I can quickly boot from a daily backup drive and keep plugging away.

    Keep up the great work with the show!

    • Wes McDowell says:

      Hey, we all have our own systems that work for us, right on! Thanks for listening, we love all the support :)

  4. Brittany says:

    Hi Wes!
    I’ve recently discovered the podcast you guys have been putting out and I love it. I had a side/hopefully helpful note I wanted to share with you all and the community relating to pricing that I found while browsing apps. is very easy, simply and seems quite helpful for helping to determine hour wage or price per project for various freelance projects.
    Thanks for the great podcasts!

    • Wes McDowell says:

      Wow, thats awesome, thanks Brittany! I think I might have to bust that out as a “Do Yourself a favor” tip!