How to Guarantee Website ROI

Discover the 5 must-haves you need to create a website that makes money for your business and speeds up your sales process. I’ll show you all my best actionable tips, advice and examples.

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Website success isn’t a given.

If you’re anything like most businesses we talk to, you’ve probably learned this first-hand. The truth is, your website should be an investment. An investment that pays for itself over and over again from the extra revenue it generates. But sadly, due to a lack of planning and strategy, most business websites are just a cost.

To achieve your sales and marketing goals, you need to be more strategic about the content of your website, and how to promote it once it’s live.

To help you find success with website marketing, we’ve created this free mini-course revealing all the secrets we’ve learned over the years — a proven and repeatable system for creating websites that aren’t a cost, but a profitable investment.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

  • The 3-step formula we use to lock in the goal of your website
  • The 2 “magic questions” you need to answer about your customers to effectively engage them
  • The most important, (but most commonly mishandled) element on any webpage — and how to do it right
  • The “secret weapon” content type that you need to use. Right. Now. (We’ll show you how.)
  • Why building your email list is more important now than ever, and 7 effective ways you can use your website to do just that
  • Little known design tips that will delight your audience, keep them on your site longer, and lead them to do exactly what you want them to do. Increased conversions ahead!

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