10 Web motion design trends to make your site stand out

10 Web motion design trends to make your site stand out

Gaining and retaining website traffic is fundamental in today’s competitive online landscape. There are some crucial trends that can help any site stand out while remaining engaging, and perhaps most importantly, is easy for users to access and navigate. Animations and motion designs are increasingly popular as solutions with almost any web design agency, and for good reason. Below are 10 of the most popular design choices that can have a huge impact on any site:

1: Page loader effects and header transitions

page loaders

Animating page loading and transitions can make navigation more interesting and can also become part of the website’s identity if used consistently. Page loading effects are a great way improve the user experience while they have to wait and can reinforce the brand identity at the same time. A great example of this is the well-known Sky TV blue wheel that appears when a program downloads on your TV, desktop or mobile device. Adding header transitions such as swipes, split effects, parallelograms, and so on, can help create a much more dynamic user experience.

You can try some page header transition here: http://tympanus.net/Development/ItemTransitions/

2: Scroll fade ins and hover crafting

scroll fade-ins

Infinite fad ins are a great way to animate additional content as the user continues to scroll down – this can make for a more interesting, sensory experience as users browse. The most famous example of this is Pinterest as their website is based on this idea – it means that users never run out of visual images and never have to click to another page.

Another great technique is to subtly guide users through your content by making key points and text stand out through incorporating hover crafting with a variety of fades or washes. Try some of the most popular hover crafting features here: http://tympanus.net/Development/InlineAnchorStyles/

3: Slo-Mo animation

Bring static backgrounds to life, and create a unique atmosphere by adding slow motion, subtle animations to backdrops on a site’s pages.

4: Slow reveal interaction

slow reveal animations

Get users more involved on a page by introducing slow reveal animations that react to mouse movement or click. This can really help engage users with your content. Here’s an example of a D Day beach scene in Normandy, which starts with a black and white image and slowly becomes today’s beach. This interactive D Day visual content was put together by the Guardian to great effect.

5: Animated charts and information

Make stats and information more exciting and dynamic by animating them, which in turn makes them much more interesting for users and increases visit duration.

6: Menu transitions

A good creative agency will always attempt to innovate, and coming up with an original idea for a menu transition is a popular area to showcase inventive thinking. Animating a menu can make the user experience much more streamlined and elegant, and help create a sense of identity for the site.

7: Form innovation


Filling forms out often feels like a chore, so helping users overcome this by introducing minimal forms formats to make the process faster and fun is a must when it comes to designing a site. Form optimization should be a priority for all websites!

8: Slide navigation

Pull out sliders, along with pushdown navigation is another fairly new innovation, and continue to grow in popularity. Using this design feature not only makes a site look much slicker, but also reduces clutter while making menu navigation simpler and more intuitive.

9: Modular scrolling

Splitting a web page into multiple scrolling elements can greatly ease navigation, as well as adding a dynamic touch to any design. Users can then scroll through sections of interest without losing their position on the page.

10: Scrolling buttons

scrolling buttons

With all the excellent and innovative options that incorporate scrolling, it makes sense to incorporate rich arrows and overall high quality design to complement other scroll features.


To conclude, new trends are appearing all the time, but incorporating some of these features into a website can help gain a real advantage by improving users’ experience and perception. At the same time, they will help make the site more interesting and unique. However, motion design elements should be chosen with the website’s objectives in mind in, whether it’s generating sales, repeat visits, or more traffic. The ideal strategy is to test different ideas to make sure that the chosen elements help achieve your goals.

Author Bio: Andy is a director of Beyond, a leading professional design company in London, specializing in user-centered branding and website design services. He specializes in UX led, responsive design. Andy’s passionate about the power of digital to influence user behavior. You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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Damien Chalker

February 13, 2015

Very handy post. Web design trends are changing with time. There are always new and effective ways to do the same things, basically quite simple and quicker than ever before and quite attractive to visitors.



February 13, 2015

These trends are useful. These definitely enhance any site.



April 11, 2015

Lots of websites still suffer from animation overload, but when done with appropriate amounts of restraint I think motion can help improve the user experience.

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Shefali Sharma

April 22, 2015

Great knowledge! Animation and motion design to improve users’ experience and perception and to make site more interesting and unique. But I have an question that while using much animation and motions in a website the loading time increases which is not good?



May 13, 2015


Great saying. Day by day new trends are getting into the market making sites more attractive and by including graphics, motions, sliders and all different features, websites easily grab visitors attention making our website unique.



May 14, 2015

Awesome article with knowledge of various effects, transition, graphics to make website beautiful yet professional which will grab the user attention and will help to gain traffic to our website.


David T

June 4, 2015

Yes motion images give great look to your site But with passage of time there are other methods also very effective for content marketing, including video, interactive graphics, motion graphics and infographics.



June 12, 2015

Great saying ! It is really helpful for people.


Alex C.

June 17, 2015

Motion graphics really add a good impression to a site. The impact is very powerful, especially with beautiful images.


Adam L

August 10, 2015

Great post – I do think motion designs do look amazing, but should be used only when appropriate, sometimes a simpler approach is more suited to the needs of most sites.


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