Infographic: 2017 Web Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversions

Infographic: 2017 Web Design & UX Trends to Boost Conversions

Every year brings us a new batch of trends we can expect to see popping up on websites. But  being an agency that doesn’t necessarily hop on the trend-wagon, we sought out the ten most promising web design and user-experience trends of 2017 that can be used to actually improve conversions on any website. That’s more customers, clients or leads in your pocket, which is a great way to ring in the New Year.

So without any further ado, The Deep End presents our list of 2017’s most conversion-friendly web trends.


2017 web design trends infographic


2017 Web Design Trends to Boost Conversions – An infographic by the team at The Deep End

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Age-Responsive Design

Different ages will react differently to different content, layout and aesthetic choices.
With new kinds of metadata becoming available, you can vary the experience based on your users’ perceived age, increasing your chances of connecting where it counts.

Skeleton Screens

A big part of a good user experience is how quickly pages load. Perhaps even more important is how fast that page feels to your users.

By loading the page in stages, from simple to complex, customers can visually anticipate what content is coming during their short wait, keeping your bounce rates in check.

Animated Call-to-Action Buttons

The CTA button should be the hero of any webpage. By using simple animation, you can call attention to it quite effectively. But resist the urge to go overboard — a subtle movement every few seconds has been shown to get attention without being annoying.

Shopping cart marketing

It is about ten times as difficult to sell to a new customer than to upsell a current one. So why leave money on the table?

By offering upsells, bundled offers and cross-sales during checkout, you can generate more revenue within the shopping cart.

Cinemagraph Hero Images

We know that large, immersive photos and videos can make users stop and take notice. But cinemagraphs up the eye-candy ante.

Part photo, part video, cinemagraphs are still underused enough to spark instant interest. Layer a carefully crafted CTA button on top for maximum impact.

Engagement Bots

While chatbots themselves are not new, the ways businesses are choosing to use them are.
Any website can use them to provide better customer service, generate sales leads, and to help create a more streamlined sales process, all on autopilot.

Persuader videos

Remember all those animated explainer videos from a few years back? Their day in the sun is over.

By using real people, you create authenticity. By using a variety of tactics in one short video— such as customer testimonials, and product demos— you can quickly overcome almost any objection.

Value based Exit Overlays

Love them or hate them — exit intent overlays increase conversions. But this year we will see an emphasis on overlays that try to push that conversion by offering something of value to the customer. It could be free shipping, a free trial, or a coupon code.

Death to the homepage

Okay, we don’t mean to completely nix your homepage. That would be crazy. But this year, we can expect a devaluation of homepages in favor of behavior and audience specific landing pages. This can mean variants of your homepage targeting different demographics with what is important to them.

Scrolling trumps navigation

In 2017, users are used to scrolling, making “above the fold” real estate less exclusive than in the past.

More important that keeping content at the top is telling a compelling story, overcoming objections, and enticing a conversion in a single page. This allows you to take your customers on a journey, rather than leaving them to wander on their own.






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Abegail Louise Acosta

December 27, 2016

I am working in a professional website development company and I really like the idea of using bots not only for customer service but also for sales. It is more convenient for website owners. Less time they engage but generate more profit.


Maverick Martin

March 16, 2017

Such a great collection of inspirational tips and idea. I will definitely keep this one in my files to go back to. Thanks.


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