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In the last video I showed you, all the different ways of video can help you better engage with your prospects and increase your google ranking power. So if you haven’t seen that video yet, just go ahead and click right up here to access that.

Otherwise we are moving on and today I’m going to give you some more concrete ideas of the different types of videos you can create as well as the benefits of each so you can decide what type of video is going to make the most sense to include on your site as well as to advertise your business in various places around the web. Now, almost any of these videos we talk about can work on any of those advertising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, you name it, so they’re very versatile that way and I’m of course going to give you some tips as we go. What you might want to do with each and even though video is a huge topic of conversation lately, I’m betting that most of your competition still is on board with it yet, so the time for you to start off with video is now.

While you can still use it to stand out before everybody is forced to do it, just to keep up. Okay. So the first type of video I have for you is an explainer or demo video. So let’s say you offer something that requires a little bit more explanation and explainer or a demonstration video is a great way to do that much better than through text alone or images. It’s easier to digest and retain that information and people are generally three times as likely to actually watch that video. Then they would be to read about the same thing and if you’re selling a product, showing it in action is definitely going to amplify your sales because it takes the mystery out of the equation. You can show people exactly how it works and I have an example of this to show you actually a. we’ve recently consulted with a client who sells high end salon shares.

Now they usually always sold them through distributors or a trade shows and this is the first time they were going to be selling them directly online on their site. So the challenge was how do we justify this high price point with a product that people generally before always needed to pick up in order to feel the quality. So how do you replace that online? Well, you know, this video shows this year is an action while real stylists are using them for the first time, giving their real time thoughts and it’s basically acts as the next best thing to actually picking them up themselves and this video is actually being used as a facebook ad to drive people to their website and it’s getting some of the highest click through rates that I’ve ever actually seen on a facebook ad and I know you might be wondering what exactly did it take for them to for them to produce this ad.

Basically they hired a camera crew and a videographer for about $250 to shoot and edit this whole thing, so it was really affordable and it gave him a crazy return on their investment and yeah, they probably could have actually filmed a version of this on a smart phone without losing too much quality. Okay. Next up we have a testimonial video, so we’re definitely living in a ratings and reviews driven world. There’s no getting around that. When’s the last time you bought anything online without reading a review or got in contact with the company? Without seeing that five star rating, we always want to know what other people thought about a product or service before we are comfortable using it. You know, I don’t go to a restaurant without first reading a yelp review and I bet you’re the same way, but what’s even more powerful than a written review or testimonial when you can see, hear and feel video is amazing at doing this because it transfers all that emotion, a appreciation and excitement that a previous customer had right onto a new one.

Video also has the ability to remove most of the doubt that people may feel about its authenticity. Whenever a read a written review on Amazon or Yelp, there’s always that question of, you know, is this a legit review or was it written by the business owner or a friend or even paid for, and I particularly have that thought when a review is just a little too glowing, but with video, you generally won’t be able to get away with that kind of trickery. I’m, unless you’ve got Meryl Streep Herself, Oh, that meryl streep. Just such a phony baloney. Most people are just not that good at acting to really pull off a fake video testimonial because if it’s fake in any way, people are generally going to subconsciously pick up on it. So the opposite is also true. You know, if their bs meter doesn’t go off, they’re generally going to perceive it to be true.

So I definitely recommend getting at least one video testimonial, but get as many as you can and even if you only have one or two video testimonials, you can supplement those with written text testimonials because the videos will tend to increase the believability of the written testimonials. Now as well. It’s basically saying, you know, this video feels authentic, so we’re going to trust these other testimonials too. So first, pick out a few of your current or past clients that you know, we’re going to have nice things to say about you and you’re definitely gonna want to try to do this with more recent customers. Uh, so that the excitement they’re feeling is more fresh in their mind. Now what you don’t want to do is just leave it up to the customer to say whatever they want, that’s generally going to lead to a pretty weak testimonial, so what you want to do is control it a little bit more so that the testimonial tells a story from beginning to end, so I would make sure that they know what that story is you want to tell, so make sure they hit the important points of what was their life like before they found you, how did they find you, and then how has their life been changed for the better since they went with your product or service, and then I would have them finish it with a simple.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for dot, dot, dot. It’s just a really strong way to end a video testimonial. I would then edit it down to one to two minutes if it’s a single customer or maybe two to three minutes if it’s a Mashup of several customers in the same video. Alright, next up we have a behind the scenes or how we work type video. Think of this as a way to add a face and a personality to either your homepage or your about page and it’s perfect for showing your process or why you do what you do. And the goal here is really to make your brand more relatable and more memorable. You know, people are definitely going to remember the company that the assault a video for rather than just reading a bunch of text on a page. You want to frame this all around the benefits that you deliver to your customers.

So think about it in terms of not talking about what you do, but instead how you help your customers. Some tips here, you know, use plenty of b roll which is just basically shots like this or this, so it’s not just a talking head the whole time and also use some music underneath it to make it more engaging that you can use this on your home page, on your, about page or in video ads. Okay. Now the next type of video I want to talk about are helpful blog videos. So these are either instructional or inspirational, and I should mention these are not one off videos like we’ve been talking about, but there are more ongoing. Now, a blog is helpful for businesses for many reasons. You know, you get to establish yourself as an expert, grow a loyal fan base of potential customers, and continually grow your site, which a Google looks at as a leading indicator that they should rank you higher, but written blog posts are only going to get you so far.

You know, as we’ve been talking about, video can always really amp up the engagement and loyalty factor for your site. And if you’re looking for an example of what a blog a video looks like, this is one right here. Just talk to the camera like you’re talking to your ideal customer and offer valuable tips that they can use with or without what you actually sell. So definitely resist the urge to make your blog videos overly promotional. Your product or service should never really be the topic of the video, but you can certainly end the videos with a call to action to learn more or to schedule a consultation with you, book an appointment, that sort of thing. And the cool thing about blogs, videos is they can look a little more diy then some of the other types we talked about. You can even absolutely just use your smartphone.

Um, it’s definitely more about the value you provide. Then having a polished look. Aim these to be around five to 10 minutes is enough to cover your topic without artificially padding the length. You don’t want to do that. You want to just to be all the good stuff. Now, again, I would use this on your blog, either with a straight up transcript of the video or an accompanying blog post. You know, because that written content is still going to be very important to google. So that really knows the topic of your page. Another great use for one of these helpful blog videos is a as a video ad on Facebook that you can use as the top of your Facebook ad funnel. More on that topic in this video right up here, and if you have a Youtube channel that you could always use it in there as well.

Alright, now it’s time where I want to hear from you. I want to know if this gave you any great ideas for a video that you can use in your own business. I definitely want to know it. Just leave it in the comments below along with any questions you may have about anything we’ve talked about today.

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