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You know your website needs a testimonial page, so I’m gonna walk you through some of my favorites and tell you why they’re so good

It’s really easy for you to talk up your own product or service or business on your website, but it’s never going to be as powerful coming from you is it would be from previous or current customers.

You know, testimonials and reviews are vital to any business and ideally they should be kind of strategically sprinkled around your website, but it’s also really important to have a dedicated page devoted to them. So to illustrate what makes a really great testimonial page, I can think of no better way than just to show you some of my favorites and I’ll talk about why each is so powerful and I’ll even go over a few tweaks that I might make to make them perform even better. So let’s start with the first one and that is chow now. Okay. Over here on Chownow’s testimonial page. And right off the bat what I really like about this as we have a nice large hero image of smiling faces, which is just known to have a much higher conversion rates and really shows that they’re happy with the product.

And I like this nice large pull quote right here as well. Then going down the page, we see these really great customer stories and they have such a unified look to them and again, you can click on here and play the videos and the video is also just have a really nice look to them and they’re very unified and they look, they look the same and each one and they use it. Plenty of b roll and they tell a story from start to finish, which is better than just kind of a talking head saying how much they enjoyed the service. It really does tell that story, which I think goes a long way. So we’ll close out here, but basically again, it’s a nice list. They all look unified. They get these really great pull quotes right here. The kind of best summarize what’s in the video so that if you weren’t to watch the whole video you would at least be able to kind of pull out something really beneficial here.

And the other thing I like which is really smart, is they go ahead and this is a. This caters to a restaurants, it’s a service for restaurants, so they basically label as the Mexican restaurant or a sandwich restaurant. So basically what it allows people to do is go down and see which testimonial can I watch. It’s really going to closely mirror what I’m looking for and what kind of restaurant I am. So I think that’s really smart and if you go down even further to what they’ve done here is they’ve broken up the monotony from this layout to a new layout with three columns, which again is smart because by breaking it up visually, your eye is drawn further on down the page and then you get back to this layout. So by keeping it varied, people are much more likely to go further down the page and really read more of these customer stories.

So what would I change about this page? Well, there’s a few things. First of all, up at the top, you know, I am a fan of the large header image of the smiling faces. However, it’s a little distracting because of this background. It’s kind of a chalkboard background that makes it hard to read. It doesn’t really make it hard. You can definitely read the text if you try to, but your eye isn’t drawn to it in the way that it should be. Also, I would definitely take this text and move it down so it’s not covering their faces. I think that’s kind of a missed opportunity there. And the next thing I would change would be, it’s a little nitpicky, but down here in this section, I would go ahead and add a little image, a little customer image to all of these testimonials as well.

Next up we have visibo. Okay, here we are in visible as a customer testimonial page and right off the bat you can really get a sense of the personality of this company. And what I like here is they’ve got these little, um, testimonials that it looks like they’ve pulled straight from twitter, which is actually a great way to keep it fresh and to always keep new testimonials cycling in and out. And then as you roll on down the page, it’s really broken up visually. And then here they’ve got a customer service rating in a really large graphic which goes hand in hand with testimonials, right? And then further down here we get another section of more testimonials, a basically in a card layout which shows the image and nice pull quote in an option to read a more long form case study. And that’s a really smart strategy for any B, two B business.

And then going down, it ends with a really large video player with a nice wall produce testimonial video you can see here, and I love this page because it uses color, twitter, its advantage and it’s very visually interesting and it conveys the personality of the company. So now what would I fix? Okay. So having said that about the personality, that’s a little negated here by the actual case study a text, these pull quotes, read it, very industry jargon heavy, you know, by saying using the visible marketing tool truly streamlined or communication with attendees. Um, you know, it just, it feels like there’s an easier way to say that that will connect better. And what this tells me is it really seems like they asked their customers for written reviews that they repurposed. What I would have rather seen them do is actually interview these customers and their clients to get more off the cuff responses that really sound more like all human beings talk.

You know, it’s really hard to convey authenticity and excitement when you’re using these kinds of jargon, heavy words. And the next thing I might do, um, I might want to see them try to switch out the top section with the twitter poll quotes with this bottom section that has the video player. If it’s me, I’d rather have people watch a video where they get the whole story, especially if it’s a really nice, nicely produced video like this one. I think that’s more powerful than reading tweets, which are generally just too short to be effective. Number three on our list is codeacademy. Okay. Here on Code Academies Stories Page, which is their testimonials page. Uh, what I love about this is they started off with this video, which not only is one customer’s story, it’s basically three different customer stories, interspliced with each other and it really talks about each customer from beginning to end.

And it cuts back and forth to the different stories like a movie or a TV show would cutting through the different plots. And to me this makes it insanely watchable all the way through. Okay. And coming down the page, we get another section of. It’s a kind of a card layout and it really shows a lot of customers giving the sense that this company really has a lot of fans behind it and I love the fact that they use this card layout. It’s really visually appealing, especially since they are in fact using these customer images which I really think is necessary for authenticity and to make it really feel like these are real customers and what happens is whenever you click on one of these cards, it goes to a longer form story which starts with a the highlighted quote and then you see their whole story in a, in a standard format.

It always shows you know, how you got started, how it helped you and what advice you have for those making a career change and who would want to use this product. And I really liked these different sections because it makes it skimmable and it makes the. I go to exactly what’s more interesting to the specific person who’s looking at it. So a few things they might fix here would just be, I might make these paragraphs a little shorter. I might edit it down a little bit. I think that would make it even more skimmable and more digestible, and the other thing that is not quite working for me here are these headlines. They’re not necessarily evocative of a good testimonial. What I might switch those out with would be the best quote from their interview of something that really sells the benefits of the product and since most people aren’t going to click on to many of these, you really need to make these headlines count more so where do you don’t have to click through to see the good stuff and to see the nice things that are really saying about it.

But overall I really love this look and you could very easily do something like this where this headline was just more of a a testimonial quote. Moving right along. Number four, we have zapier. Okay, now this one’s kind of a cheat because it’s not technically a testimonials page. It is on [inaudible] homepage, but I’m still going to show it to you because this could very easily be a testimonials page in and of itself, and the thing I love most about this is just how simple it is. Look, it’s just a really straight up grid format with where it has the image of each person, which is key as I said, and then each quote basically just distills the customer success down to the most important statement. So my advice for you, if you go this route, I’m just make each one of these testimonials call out a different benefit since they’re so short.

You know, imagine if you had six short testimonials like this that each goes over a specific point or addresses a specific objection. That can be really powerful. So my only nitpick with this one is actually two. I have two things I want to mention. The first thing is I would definitely have loved to see a video here. I’m either above or below and I would actually really love to see the quote text be a little larger as well. All right. The last on our list and possibly my favorite is Marie forleo’s b school. Okay. So here we are on the review page for b school and there is a lot to love about this page. First and foremost, I love the headline. It just so simple. They did it. So can you, um, Marie forleo always has really great copy on all of her stuff. So if you’re ever stuck for copy, I would definitely check out Marie forleo’s website.

Um, she’s just got a lot of good stuff on there and going right down the page we’ve got, there’s a lot of reviews on here. So basically what I think is really smart here, as you can refine your results, you can filter them based on experience level. Um, let’s say you’re a total beginner. You can click that. And what’s so great about this is you always want your testimonials to really connect with your customer personas. So if you have more than one of those, you want a really easy way for them to go and find the stuff that’s going to be most relevant to them so they can see testimonials that they can really see themselves in, that’s going to be much more powerful than just showing everybody the same testimonials. So love that. You can filter through them here. I think that’s really great.

And going right down here, what we’ve got here is, um, I just think these are fantastic. You got a nice large photo and you have nice large text and then it gives you the option of reading more so you can click on that and go to this person’s whole story. Or what I think is really cool too is it gives you the option of seem more like this. So if this is someone that you resonate with, you can, it’ll basically show you more reviews that are very similar. Again, you get to choose your own adventure and you get to see how people just like you can be helped by this. And as we go down here, we’ve got this list and then like I brought up in the, one of the other examples, they go from one format to another, which really breaks up the monotony and keeps people scrolling down the page.

Anytime you can break up the layout and make it visually interesting, you should do that. So then going down even further, it’s broken up again by this, uh, just a really large, a background image and a color. And this is basically what I would consider to be a featured review. You know, it gets a little more visual interest in, stands out on its own. And it pretty much follows this format all the way down in the, the color gets changed here. Every time there’s a featured, it’s a new color, which I think is cool. And what’s really great about this website is it knows its audience, it knows it’s a primarily female audience and it really does. It’s designed to really appeal to the specific audience. You can tell the Marie forleo really has her customer persona nailed down and she always designs everything for that audience.

Okay, so what would I fix here? There’s not a whole lot I would fix. This is one nitpick that I have a. let’s find it up here. Okay, here we go. So basically on on here, some of these featured a testimonials. Have a video. The problem is it’s buried here. There’s like this tiny little text that says play video without would obviously rather see is that video just to take center stage and be a player that’s visible, Kinda just begs to be clicked on. All right, so I hope this gave you some really great ideas for your own testimonial page. But now I want to hear from you and I want to know which of these examples, what is your favorite and what can’t you wait to try on your own testimonial page. I want to know all about it. So leave it in the comment section below with any other questions you might have.

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