5 Best WordPress Themes for Small Business in 2019

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If you want to know the five best WordPress themes for small businesses, we’re going over all of them and we’re starting right now.

Being a small business often means you don’t have a whole lot of money to drop on a new website, but it doesn’t change the fact that the right website can actually help your business out tremendously and it fill it with new customers and leads on a regular basis.

So what do you do when you can’t really go out and get a new website from scratch? The good news is there are a lot of really great premium WordPress themes that you can choose from. And once it’s customized, it’s really going to look like your brand, but any website, including one you get from a designer that’s from scratch or a WordPress theme, it’s only going to generate leads and customers for you. If it’s built on a proper sales funnel and a strategy that’s meant to get you more business, it’s still needs to provide, you know, compelling, persuasive content that’s meant to speak directly to your customers and what they need to hear before they’ll be interested in going with your company. And it needs to overcome all the objections that they’re likely to have. And it also needs to provide a clear path forward for not only the people who are ready to buy today, but for the ones who were just here researching.

So you need a way to keep in front of those people while they’re thinking things over. So I really can’t stress enough that the strategy is the first place to start. So you really know what content needs to go into the, into your WordPress theme. And then that tells you which theme is going to be the best one to support my strategy. But you don’t want to do is just pick a theme that you think looks great and then shoehorn content into it and actually have a free resource for you. If you click right up here, you can access my free mini course, how to guarantee website Roi. It’s going to go over the five most important things that you didn’t need to nail down before you can think about picking the right word, press theme for Your Business, so, but we’re going to get into the list and I didn’t just pick these themes based on how good they look because it looks are only going to get you so far and trust me, it’s really easy to get dazzled by the look of some of these themes because of the great images they choose.

But the truth is you’re probably not going to be using those images in the finished product, so please try to look past all the really great looking imagery when you’re choosing your theme. I basically chose these five themes based on their ability to adapt to any strategy and convert at a really high rate. Things have really kept in mind when choosing this list are adaptable layouts built in lead capture areas so that you can build your customer list, a well designed testimonial sections, the ability to easily add videos which are really important to conversions and not overly image based. You know, you need lots of sections for well-written sales copy and last but not least speed, you know, it really, it’s really important that these sites load quickly, particularly on mobile. So let’s get into the five WordPress themes that I think are really great for most small businesses.

So let’s get her over to the computer. Okay. And starting right off the bat, we have the pillar theme and they call themselves a multipurpose WordPress theme for modern startups. And I can certainly see why. So right off the bat, they’ve got 110 ready to use demo pages that you can use right out of the box. And what’s even cooler is they have 160 different sections. So you can basically think of as building blocks. So these 160 sections you can mix and match them together to create the perfect page that’s really going to serve your content in the right way and they’ve got all these different homepage demos you can choose from. I’m going to go ahead and choose to walk you through this one for it’s called startup too and I feel like this demo is actually pretty perfect right out of the box for many reasons.

So right off the bat you’ve got this awesome hero area with space for a great headline and the sub headline that adds a little bit more context to it as well as a CTA button right there, which is pretty great. And then going down the page, we’ve got an area right here for a video and a little bit of text like this is how I design a lot of my own websites for clients of videos. Just a really great way to get a lot of ideas across in a small amount of space and a small amount of time because most people would rather watch a video than read some text. So I love the fact that they’ve got this video player right here and then you scroll down and we’ve got this cool little area for your unique selling propositions, which I also designed a lot of sites in this way.

We’re basically, you call out the top three benefits that your clients or customers can expect when they work with you and you’ll notice as you go down the page you just see lots of different sections, lots of different areas which keeps. Keeps things very visually interesting, which is going to make people go further down the page and see way more of your content and more of your message. And right here we’ve got an out of the box testimonial section, which I think is actually pretty perfect as is if you have watched any of my other videos about testimonials. You know how much. I really think that having a photo of the testimonial subject is key to making it seem more relatable and believable. And this is just a really nice design treatment that I wouldn’t mess with too much. And then it’d be go down and we have a lead capture form, which is amazing.

Not that I wouldn’t tweak this a little bit, it’s a little sign up for our newsletter every like I wouldn’t recommend going that route. I would definitely make it more of a lead magnet so that you sign up, but then you get something in return like a video series or a downloadable pdf or enter into a challenge of some kind. But the point is this section is here and just ready for you to customize with all that great content. So the pillar theme is $59 on the auto market marketplace. So as you can see, like you’ve got some really great solutions right out of the box that you don’t have to mess with too much for under 60 bucks. It’s just a matter of finding the right demo to start with or the right content blocks you want to put in the right order. And then of course putting in your own images in your own text and you’re good to go.

Okay. Now number two on our list is launched kit. Now what I love about launch kid who was actually built with marketing and high conversions in mind, you know, you’ll see a lot of these WordPress themes that are purely built on a very visual level that are very visually engaging and very multimedia and look really amazing, but they are definitely not built with conversions in mind. The launch kit kind of turned all that on its ear and that is really where this one shines. You know, they’ve got all these really well thought out pre made content blocks that you can just edit and fully customized as you go and see off the bat. They’ve got all these demos you can choose from and I think I want to look more closely at the multipurpose theme just because I actually really liked the way this one is laid out.

So let’s go ahead and look at that demo. Okay. Again, we have a really strong hero area. I feel like it’s a little cluttered, but that can easily be customized. But the main point is we have a great space for a headline and that sub headline, which you know I think is a great way to structure the top of your webpage and what I think is really cool about this and you can choose to take it out or keep it, but I liked it, the fact that there’s this little video player right here, which allows people to get a better sense of what it is you offer and it really will let people get to know you if you choose to go on camera yourself. And it also has the lead magnet. You know, people can sign up for whatever it is you’re offering in exchange for an email address.

I feel like I would probably take this out from this section. I probably wouldn’t keep it right there because there’s just no context for what exactly they’re getting. B, you’ll notice as you scroll down, what we have is a sticky header up here that stays in place as you scroll with the little CTA button right up in the right hand corner, which is exactly where it should always be. And of course you can customize the colors as well and there’s lots of good areas for text which just lets you put your message out in front of people so they know exactly what they’re going to get when they buy from you or work with you. And here we have another really cool usp area, you know, your unique selling proposition. So remember, I always recommend putting your top three benefits that people can, can expect.

And in this case, you know, in the last version it was icons here, it’s photos and that’s really up to you and your brand, how you’d rather handle that and going down the page, you know, we’ve got all these different areas and some cool animations are happening when you go down. But basically it allows you to call out different elements of your offering. So let’s say you know, you have these three USP is and then down here, maybe you want to talk about the first one at length, then the second one at length. And you don’t have to include a photo of an iphone. These are just placeholder images. This can be whatever you want it to be remote. Keep that in mind. The point is you’re telling that stories, you go down and then now we get to a really nice big cta area again, so you basically made the case for your company and why people should work with you and then at the end you come down and you get this nice cta button encouraging them to take action and then if you go down further, you know there’s more premade elements that are just part of this demo.

But remember there are many different demos and many different content blocks you can choose from. And now here, this is a really great little lead magnet area. Imagine if you were giving away a video series, you could really talk about that right over here and give the headline and a little bit of text about it and then all the people have to do is give their name and email address and then they can sign up for it. So again, I think this is just a really good theme that requires not too much a messing with it out of the box. I really think that it would be hard to go wrong in choosing this theme for your small business website, and this one’s also available on Envato marketplace for 59 bucks again, so again, under $60 and you have a really nice, easy to customize solution.

All right, next we have the Divi theme. So this is by far the number one most popular WordPress theme in the whole world right now. And they’ve got many new features that they’ve just rolled out. They been around for several years now, but they keep innovating and they keep improving on what it is that they offer and what makes the Divi theme different than the other ones we’ve talked about is it’s extremely customizable. You can basically lay out every single separate element going down the page and you’re really only limited by what you can imagine. So because of that, it’s a little more of a learning curve to get started with it. Um, so I should say with Devi, it’s not the fastest on our list, you know, because it comes with so many variables within it and there’s so many things you can customize that adds a little bit of weight to it.

However they have made significant improvements over the past year or so to load faster than it did before. It’s not super slow, but there’s definitely faster themes on this list. So the Divi theme is a little more expensive than the other ones on our list. Um, so it’s $89 for yearly access. I don’t think that necessarily means you have to keep paying $89 to keep your site up. I think with that refers to is more like the support and getting access to updates and all that kind of stuff. So if you want to keep it updated and keep the support going, you’re looking at about 90 bucks a year or a 2:49 for unlimited access for a lifetime. All right. And now we have another really robust option with a lot of room to really customize it. And that is called the gym. It was originally designed as the ultimate toolbox of design elements, styles and features, and it lets you build a really impressive high performing website super quickly without having any coding knowledge, which is exactly what you want.

Any WordPress theme, right? You know it in their own, in their own marketing materials. They call this the Swiss army knife of a WordPress themes and I can certainly see why it’s really packed with features. It really lends itself to a high level of customization. So it comes out of the box with, you know, 70 plus creative concepts for just about any type of business. I’m going down here. You can see the different kind of elements they’ve got going on. They’re all very different and varied. Um, and I would encourage you, you know, they come in all these different categories, but I would say don’t limit yourself to, you know, putting yourself into a box. You know, if you’re a, a, an accountant, there is no need to necessarily just go by the business ones. Maybe a creative concept would really fill the needs of your messaging very well.

You know, just I would just look through all of these one pro tip here, the way you want to go about this usually is to find the demo version that gets as close as possible to what you think you need and then start customizing it from there. But anyway, with this you’ve got, you know, unlimited combinations. You can build just about any kind of layout you can think of using all the design elements and building blocks basically. But even just on the business tab, as you can see, we’ve got all these different layouts to choose from. And like I said, don’t just choose the demo you want to go with based on how colorful it is, you know, like this one would draw the, I am more than this one would, but remember you’re probably going to be customizing it with Jordan images anyway. So the thing you really want to look out for more than anything is layout.

You’ve got all these different layouts to basically prioritize different elements. So find the one that comes the closest to what you’re looking for and then go from there. Some of these have some really cool animation effects as well with text and then as you scroll down the page, things just kind of come in from the side, which isn’t necessarily the most important thing in the world, but sometimes when it’s a matter of keeping people interested in wanting to scroll down the page to see more of what you have to say, little things like that can make a difference. And a lot of these themes out here come with that kind of functionality built in. So you know, they’ve got a lot of cool little built in features here for, you know, your unique selling propositions coming up that we talked about before, those little icons that kind of tell people why they should be working with you.

Lots of cool little ways of doing that here that are prebuilt in the animated very nicely. So keep that in mind as you go. And this theme is actually also really video capable. You know, we’ve got video headers here you can use and we’ve got lots of different options for video players. You know, a full width one, uh, one that Kinda just goes to one side with text on the side of it, and then a different version of that here, you know, it’s, it’s really easy just to customize again and get exactly what it is you’re going for. Now the gym is available also for $59. There’s kind of a theme here. Most of these tend to be right around 59 bucks, but again, with this one, you probably have a little bit more work to do than with pillar or launch kit. Those are a little more out of the box.

This one requires a little bit more thought and creativity, so keep that in mind, but the upside is it really can truly be anything you want it to be. Okay, next on our list is the consulting themes. So what makes this one different is a lot of research went into what business websites need, uh, and the result is this theme. They’ve really gotten everything together in one place that’s going to be the most impactful for a small business website. So this one’s got basically 30 demo layouts that it comes with. And again, each is very customizable though some of the other WordPress themes I said don’t get dazzled by how great they look and how great the images look. I’m going to say the opposite here. Uh, there was using quite a bit of, you know, kind of what I would consider to be lame stock photos for this theme just for the Demos.

Don’t be put off by that. Again, you can change it to anything you want it to be, but at the end of the day these layouts are really good for business. And that’s why I’m putting it on my list. So this one basically comes with 120 different content blocks so you can mix and match from again, so you can take one of these premade themes or you can just take this block and this block and this block and stack them in such a way that it really serves the content that you need for your site the best. So here’s just one demo. Soon as you go down the page, you can see it has all those different elements that we talked about. No USP is this calls it industries, but I would put the USP is right there, a little area for texts, which is great. Then another testimonial area, so this really has a lot of cool a built in functionality, a little place for to put logos of companies you’ve worked with which can be huge.

It’s social proof and then you know your latest blog posts which is cool. Keeps the content fresh. Oh, and here’s another. Here’s a cool area for a lead magnet. So this one probably requires a little bit of customization to really make it work for you, but they really do have a lot of cool layouts to start with. Just choose the one that gets you closest and customize from there. And Are you ready to be shocked? This one was also a $59, so basically almost every one on my list is $59 except for the Divi theme, which was $89. But these are all really great choices and I hope one of these really jumped out at you as the one that you want to work with. All right? So as you can see, there’s a lot of really appealing options out there that not only look great but are really going to do a good job of fulfilling that strategy.

That’s gonna get you more customers or leads for your business and you can either DIY this completely if you feel like you can take that on, or you can go to a Envato studio to find a really expert level WordPress customizer who couldn’t do a lot of the heavy lifting there for you. And those will generally run you. You know, a few hundred dollars as well. But either way, I want you to go ahead and get my free mini course right up here. How to guarantee website Roi. It’s a really great first step because without that, any website you build is really just going to sit there, not getting you any new customers, which is a huge missed opportunity. But now is the part where I want to hear from you and I want to know which of these themes do you like best and which one do you really see being a great fit for your business?

Or are there any others that you want to add to the list? Maybe you’re using one that you think is really great and other people would definitely like to know about that. So go ahead and leave it in the comment section below. I’ll see you in our next video.

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