5 Easy Steps to Hire the Perfect Web Development Subcontractor

5 Easy Steps to Hire the Perfect Web Development Subcontractor

Creating a powerful website is just like constructing a great retail store. If you are a purely visual web designer, (and don’t know the first thing about coding,) it makes sense to team up with a great developer so that you can deliver fully functional websites to your clients. But one of the biggest hurdles to this is simply finding the right developer to have in your corner. In this article, I will share with you five steps you can follow in order to make your search a success.

Step 1: Explore Options

  • Ask your staff, family, and friends for recommendations. Choosing companies based on the judgment and reviews of those you know is a wiser move.
  • Search for possible website development companies via search engines. Try to be specific in your searches. Indicate the type of business that you have and your current location.
  • If you know an enterprise that has a site that you like, you can also contact them and ask them who their designer is. Sometimes, designer details are indicated in the bottom part of the webpage.

Step 2: Compare Companies

  • Browse their official webpage go through their usual rates and services.
  • Check out their existing clients and assess the way the company designed their page.
  • Get to know more about the techniques and software that they use for developing websites. The most popular services offered apart from website designs are Search Engine Optimization, content creation, blog posting, link building, social media development, email marketing, and other online advertising techniques for increased visibility.
  • Choose the designers that have at least two years of experience in creating the kinds of webpages that suit your needs.
  • Those that are capable of creating webpages that can be viewed from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones are also great options.

Step 3: Ask for Project Proposals

  • A project proposal allows you top company picks to present you with reasonable price quotes and ideal service deals.
  • Your proposal should include aspects such as:
    1. details about your company
    2. products and services
    3. desired website look
    4. online campaign goals
    5. target clients
    6. spending budget
    7. target online traffic and visibility
    8. Present the proposal to at least three companies that you are choosing from. This allows you to have options in choosing the best deals later on.

Step 4: Seal the Deal

  • Review the project plans and price quotes that your chosen developers present you with.
  • Pick the one that suits your needs and preferences.
  • Read their service contract thoroughly before sealing the deal.

Step 5: Work as a Team

  • Working ties with a website development company often goes on for a long time.
  • It is advisable to ask someone in your team to constantly coordinate with the website designers so that you can get ad campaigns that are in tune with your goals and visions. This also makes it easier to create site updates and changes as you go along.

About the Author:

Anne Barrios is a freelance writer for twenty4, a company of professional web developers who are passionate in all things digital.

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David Shallcross

June 27, 2014

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