6 Reasons Why You’re Losing Website Visitors

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So you’ve already gotten people to your site successfully. That’s half the battle. The other half of the battle is keeping them around long enough to actually check out what you’ve got and get enough information to convert into a customer.

So today we’re going to talk about the six biggest reasons why people may be leaving your site and more importantly, what you can do to fix it. And the first reason is very simple. They can immediately see what it is that you offer. Now, this is a very common problem. It’s still way too common just because you understand your business inside and out. It doesn’t mean that new people coming to your site for the first time are going to get it right away. Some people will try to get a little too clever with their headline. They try to be funny or witty with it. Um, but really I’m going to tell you that clarity beats clever everyday of the week. So here’s what you do and it’s actually really simple. Just write new, very clear headline that says exactly who you help, what you do, and then maybe a sub headline that talks a little bit about how you do that.

Now, the next big reason is just a bad or outdated design. Now this may seem really obvious, but it’s still all too common. Maybe your website is from 10 years ago and it’s just not really doing anything to get that kind of trust that are more modern, clean, uncluttered, a website. We’ll get you and honestly there are a lot of elements that can contribute to a batter out data looking, design, a photo’s being one of them. Maybe they’re just really kind of blurry or amateurish like looks like you took them with your phone or maybe it’s the complete opposite and maybe these are obvious stock photos that people have really gotten used to over the years. Like the image of the customer service rep or that really cliched boardroom handshake type photo. You know, people have seen these a million times over and over again and what they do is they really kind of can make you look like you’re not even a real business with real people behind it.

Or maybe there are broken elements on the page. Things aren’t weighing out correctly or things are just not there. They’re supposed to be. They’re broken images, broken links, and these are also things that can really make your business look more amateur than it really is. And maybe all of these elements actually looked really great on desktop, but when people are searching on mobile, it’s a different story and things really aren’t loading correctly. They’re not, I don’t know if you know, but over 60 percent of people browsing the Internet right now are doing it from their mobile device and that number keeps growing all the time. So you’re definitely gonna want to make sure that not only looks great on desktop but on mobile as well. So if it’s any of those things that you mentioned, outdated or photos, blurry amateur photos are obvious, stock photos, maybe you can swap those out.

That might be the only easy fix here. Beyond that, you’re probably looking at a possible redesign. But the good news is there are a lot of cheaper options out there and you don’t have to necessarily drop thousands of dollars. There are a lot of really great looking wordpress premium themes that you can easily customize for your business. All right, and number three, you may be turning people off with a lack of visual content. You know, if you’ve watched videos on this channel before, you already know that 80 percent of people coming to your site are really only skimming. They’re not really reading the whole page. So it’s really a missed opportunity not to include plenty of visuals that not only look good and kind of break up the page, but they can also act as a visual cues telling people exactly what it is you offer. So the interview can illustrate one of your key points with a visual that goes along with it that makes it really easy to grasp in a second that you should always try to do that.

So go ahead and add more visuals. You know, photos or icons are great and there are also ways of making your text more visual as well. And skimmable so you know, keep the paragraph short and use headlines and lists and you know, use bolden Italax to really emphasize key points whenever possible. Okay, this next one is a big one because it can mean people abandoning your page before they even ever see it. And that is of course, page load speed. So I don’t know if you know this, but you know, 40 percent of people will actually leave your site if it doesn’t load in under three seconds. So I want you right after this video to go to google page speed insights to test the load speed of your own site and see how it stacks up. Not only will it give you a basic score, but it’s also gonna give you a list of improvements you can make and don’t worry they are going to probably look technical.

So you may or may not be able to do those yourself. You may have to give that list to your developer or at least hire one on a website like upwork to kind of make those changes for you. And remember this as well. It’s all about perception. So when I, what I mean by that is there are a lot of different ways that you can make your website feel faster than it actually is. You know, things like lazy loading, where the elements of the top of the page actually load first and then everything down the page loads as you go down the page. So there’s not such a strain on the entire website to load all at once and then it just ends up feeling much faster to your site visitor, so they’ll stay around longer and there’s actually a free wordpress plugin called Bj Lazy loader that should help you accomplish this in just a matter of seconds, and there’s actually quite a few free plugins for wordpress that will help you speed up your page.

So maybe try that first before you take that list to your developer if you want to save a little bit of money. Okay, next on the list is cliched or jargony copy. If your copy doesn’t connect with your customers in a meaningful way or if they have to try to decode it, they’re probably not going to stick around long enough to actually figure it out. So really resist that urge to try to impress by using the biggest words and don’t also expect that your customers know as much about your industry as you do. And there’s actually a really simple fix for this. Just write the way you speak. Conversational copy actually works great across most industries unless you’re, you know, heavy into the Btby, a medical or government space, and even then I wouldn’t get too informal with it, but I would definitely try to write a little more conversationally than you think you should and they actually have a really actionable tip you can use to get more conversational copy and that involves record yourself, talking about your business as if you’re talking about it to a friend, talk about what makes your business unique or special and why they should care about it.

Then you can take that recording and use it as the basis for your copy and when you’re actually writing that copy, forget about all the rules you learned about grammar back in school. You can use sentence fragments, contractions in slang. In fact, it’s going to generally help you connect on a much deeper level with your customers. Then if you were to write your website like a term paper, okay, number six, we have option overload. Now, while you may think that your customers and site visitors want a lot of options, the truth is providing too many options can really cripple your sales and your ability to generate leads from your website. So what you should do instead is really narrow down your focus into only the most important things that people are really going to need to know before there’ll be interested in what you offer.

So include a short overview about what exactly your offer is, three main benefits that they’re going to receive from your offer. A list of features that show them exactly what they’re going to get, and then some nice reviews and testimonials, and then end it all with a really strong, clear call to action, telling them exactly what to do next. You know, people actually love to be told what to do next because it takes the guesswork right out and it makes the path forward very clear. So I hope that sheds some light on what may be going wrong on your own website and some actionable ways that you can take to fix it. But now I want to hear from you and I want to know which of these tips, uh, are you most excited to put onto your own website? I want to know all about it.

Of course, any questions you have or comments just put it in the comment section below. I’ll check them all out and I’ll answer all the questions that I possibly can.

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