10 Beautiful Landing Page Designs

10 Beautiful Landing Page Designs

I spend a lot of time designing things like landing pages and user interfaces, and so I come across lots of different homepage and landing page designs. There’s been a steady trend over the last few years of richer, more elegant and beautiful landing pages, particularly amongst startups and for web apps.

I wanted to bring together a collection of some truly stunning landing pages to hopefully give you some inspiration for your next project. Many of these designs make incredible use of color, white-space and minimalism, while others use big, high-impact imagery to make a statement, but in every case I believe these designs look remarkably impressive and are clearly the result of a ton of hard work and care. I hope you find the collection interesting, and I’d love to hear which of these you like best in the comments below.



Sunrise is an API that allows developers to build calendar functionality into their apps. The landing page has a gorgeous, minimalist yet colorful header, which immediately jumps out at you on the page.



To-do app Wunderlist has been popular for years, and they’ve always prized great design. Their current landing page does an excellent job at showcasing their latest product (and showing it in use), giving all the right details and looking slick and stylish in the process.



Simple is a new kind of bank that aims to make spending and saving easier to track. It’s a complex proposition, but the landing page makes it clear and easy to understand what they’re about, and to visualise their product in action.



Shortwhale is a service that aims to help you receive email that’s shorter and more actionable. The landing page that promotes it uses a stunning color palette, plenty of white-space to give text the room to breathe and an interesting slider showing the service in use.



Foursquare’s latest app offered a major overhaul in design, and they’ve created a significant redesign of the homepage to match. The bold, attention-grabbing imagery draws your attention and walks you through the new app.



The fantastically named Brilliant is an app that helps people to improve skills like maths, physics and more. The landing page to help explain it is beautifully simple, elegant and minimalist – with just enough of a teaser about the product to encourage potential users to join.



Kano bills itself as a computer that you make yourself, and the landing page makes incredible, imaginative use of scrolling to help explain the product and show the computer being built.



Statwing is a tool that aims to make data analysis easier and more efficient. Their homepage is a beautifully crafted design that includes an interactive demo of the app right there in the header.



Project management app Trello makes use of huge screenshots of the product in use so you can immediately get a sense of what the app is, how it works and ideal use cases. The design is simple, clean and uncluttered, which makes the entire page easy to digest and scan.



Point is Chrome extension that makes it easier to share and discuss web pages with your friends. The landing page makes use of a beautifully muted color palette and a minimalist, heavy-on-the-whitespace design. One thing that I really love about this design is that the wireframe for the browser is a thin pencil line, so the first thing that jumps out to you is the image of the actual product itself.

Which of these landing pages do you like best? Do you know of any others that deserve a special mention? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below.

David works for Radley, who create beautiful handbags. In his spare time he enjoys studying graphic, web and user interface design.

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October 20, 2014

Great post. I love the selection of landing pages you picked. I actually will be taking a closer look of them.


Amy Brown

November 25, 2014

Hi David,

I am also a web developer and looking for latest and trendy landing page designs. But after reading the above post, lots of design are coming in my mind. So, thanks for sharing this article with us.

Have a great day!



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