How to Create Captivating Homepage Videos

How to Create Captivating Homepage Videos

Your website’s home page should be working as hard as it can to make sure the visitors you receive really get your company. Your homepage should explain exactly what it is you do in as brief an amount of time as possible, and one of the most effective ways of making sure it’s doing that is including a video.

Studies have shown that a website has ten seconds to capture a visitor’s attention before losing them forever. A video on your homepage will help do this, keeping visitors on your website. It also negates the need for them to read long chunks of static text that can be extremely off-putting.

Videos can be a hugely effective way of conveying information quickly and effectively when done well. Say you’re selling a product or service, what better way is there to do this than letting your customers see it in action?

Text on a website only conveys a limited sense of the personality of your company, whereas videos give you an opportunity to show viewers exactly how you look, sound and act. They’re a great way to project your core values. Are you young and fun? Bold and assertive? Using video allows you to reach out to your visitor in a more personal manner and really let them get to know you. These videos do not need to be expensive either. Most companies who don’t have million dollar budgets are able to easily accomplish an effective video with little more than a video camera and a YouTube channel.

Videos are dynamic and interactive. They engage your visitor, which in turn encourages them to spend more time on your page, precious time you’ve then got to sell yourself or your product. I could go on, but by this point I hope that I’ve managed to convince you of the value of incorporating a video into your homepage, so here’s how to make it as captivating as possible.

1. Clarify Your Objective

Your video needs a hook, a purpose, usually echoing the objective of your website. Make sure this is as clear and compelling as possible.

2. Utilize a Narrative

When I talk about narrative I don’t mean a full blown story, but your video needs to create a situation that your visitors relate to. You want them to understand your product or service and be able to picture themselves using it.

3. Call to Action

By now you should be aware of the importance of a strong call to action in any marketing efforts. You want your visitors to do something, be it purchasing a product, downloading a trial or simply filling in a form. Make sure that they know what this is.

4. Production Value

Poor production value will not instill confidence in your visitors. If you haven’t invested in yourself, why should they? Fortunately it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to include a high quality video.

Here is a great example of what a homepage video should be, courtesy of

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