A Showcase of 10 Creative Mobile Website Examples

A Showcase of 10 Creative Mobile Website Examples

Nearly half of all internet users are using a mobile device to access it. I just read a report predicting that by 2015, mobile users will overtake people using PCs. So you can bet this mobile website thing isn’t going anywhere for a while. Designing for mobile devices comes with its own set of issues: designing for a variety or screen sizes, load speeds, making buttons large enough to not be accidentally clicked by those with larger-than normal thumbs, etc. Sometimes you can get away with a site performing double-duty, and just use what you have for mobile devices as well. Sometimes that just isn’t a feasible option.

When designing a dedicated mobile website, either for yourself or for a client, you must keep the above rules in mind, but there is no rule that says it has to be a bare-bones snore-fest either. I would compare it to decorating a studio apartment – its a limited space, but if you work smart, you can still fit in all the essentials, and make it inviting as well. Here are ten examples of mobile sites that have done an amazing job with a limited amount of real estate, and are simple and easy to navigate.


Branding & interactive agency

This site does a great job of presenting eye-catching work in a straightforward grid, with 2 simple navigation items at the top.

Hacker Group

Business to business and consumer direct marketing agency

Simple navigation is boosted by a strong focal image with a clear marketing message.


Dribbble’s mobile site

This fun and simple offshoot of Dribbble takes their clean interface and makes it even cleaner for mobile, letting the showcased work take the lead.

Big Bite Creative

Digital creative design studio

Minimal and retro, this page features an easy dropdown menu and homepage mini-slider.


Web development portfolio

Super quirky and retro, this mobile site has a rich feel, but it still employs a pared-down navigation to keep things simple.


Digital designer portfolio

The colors, the typography choices and the imagery all add to the fun, clean nature of this designer’s mobile site.


Visual creative group

Big menu items and even bigger typography make a big impact on this site. I also love the subtle use of lighting effects on the navigation.


Marketing partners

Bold use of color and shading not only brand the site very well, but make it really easy to find your way around as well.

Tyler Michaud

Music producer, DJ and record label owner

With a dramatic full-bleed background image and prominent navigation placement, its easy to catch up on this guy’s music, and even download podcast episodes.

Formas Do Possivel

Graphic design portfolio

With a simple yet striking interface, you know exactly where to go to check out this guy’s work, contact him, even add him on Facebook or LinkedIn.

What do you think of these examples? Have a favorite, or another one to share?

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mobiele sites

February 1, 2012

Nowadays more people are using mobile phones than pc’s to get online. Mobile websites are simply so convenient for people who shop online or who use their mobile phone to find a business.


Mobile-User-Interface-Beispiele | webSimon.eu

February 12, 2012

[…] A Showcase of 10 Creative Mobile Website Examples […]



July 11, 2012

I think responsive navigation is the best way to go so no matter what device your visitor is on the navigation will look good. So one visitor could be on an iPod, one on a widescreen desktop computer, one on a laptop and one even looking at a big projector screen and they will all have a nice experience. Here are some great nav bars with and without a drop-down menu, and semi-transparent nav bars that will match any webpage background colour or design.



Mobile UI Design: What are some awesome alternatives to the prevailing mobile site design? – Quora

August 15, 2012

[…] mobile websites.1+ Comments Loading…    Anon User There are some examples here:http://thedeependdesign.com/creahttp://www.underworldmagazines.c…But one could find that they are not that different from the […]



November 13, 2012

Getting a responsive design in place is definitely helpful. We’re currently utilizing javascript to help us display our mobile site (http://m.usinsurancenet.com) as many physical device specs keep changing.

Right now, just getting the mobile site in place is a big hurdle a lot of companies are having but the next step will be getting more mobile specific features/functionality added to the sites.


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