10 Creative Portfolio Sites You Haven’t Seen Before

10 Creative Portfolio Sites You Haven’t Seen Before

Your online portfolio is probably the most important tool you have to sell yourself to potential clients. Its a first impression that can make or break you, so you had better make it good. Here are 10 awesomely creative portfolio sites that strike a perfect balance between creativity, simplicity and professionalism. Here they are, in no particular order:


This French graphic designer/illustrator/art director’s site is simple to the extreme. When the work is this whimsical and eye-catching, who needs a complicated design?


Quirky use of color and a faux die-line make for an interesting canvas to show off this illustrator/designer’s work.


Simple, elegant and black and white, this design lets the work shine on its own.


This web design uses a rigid grid, fun bands of color and great typography as a showcase for a good variety of work.


Working with a non-traditional layout can be a kiss of death when not handled properly. In this case, however, it lets the work shine while keeping users engaged.


Can a website be simple and dramatic? Well this one has pulled it off pretty nicely.


Clean, elegant design seems to be Nina’s specialty. It comes across in her work, her logo and in the site itself.


This fashion designer’s portfolio site uses a bold, graphic layout, strong typography, and social media strategy to his advantage.


I am in love with Deda’s fun retro typography and use of clever infographics to tell her story. And bonus points for the parallax scrolling effect!


This UI/Web designer makes great use of a simple, one page design. He uses big graphics and bigger social media links to make an impact.

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