“The Deeply Graphic DesignCast” 2015 Media Kit


About the Show

The Deeply Graphic DesignCast is a podcast aimed at graphic and web designers with a simple philosophy: to talk about all the things that they don’t teach in design school. Every episode tackles a new design related topic, and the hosts engage in a roundtable discussion on the topic at hand, offering the benefit of their experience, “tips from the trenches,” and above all, lively conversation that people actually look forward to listening to. In addition to the topic of the day, the gang gets the audience involved by answering a listener-submitted question every single episode.

So far, the topics have ranged from tips on business card design, to upcoming web design trends to how to deal with problematic clients. The show also integrates industry-leader guests onto the show on a regular basis, such as Bill Gardner, founder of LogoLounge, and Patrick McNeil, author of The Web Designer’s Idea Book series.

The hosts are all successful, working designers with a wealth of real world experience to draw upon, and that hard-won knowledge and fun banter is what keeps the audience coming back each and every episode.

The Numbers

With 88 episodes under their belt at the time of this writing, we are consistently ranked in the top 10 in the iTunes “Design” category, often appearing in the Top 3.The show currently has a nearly 5 star rating, with 182 reviews on itunes. Just to put that in perspective, most of our competition has under 100. This means our audience is HEAVILY engaged with the show.

The show has an estimated audience of 30-40K unique listeners, with hundreds more jumping on board each day. The vast majority of new listeners go back through our back catalog and listen to older episodes as well, since each show covers a new topic related to being a designer.

Screen capture within itunes (June 2015)

Screen capture within itunes (June 2015)

Our Audience

The audience for The Deeply Graphic DesignCast is almost exclusively made up of graphic and web designers who are actively invested in their career path, and are looking for new ways to learn and keep up-to-date with their skills. They are always looking for new innovative products that will help them in their creativity and productivity.

Our audience looks at the hosts of the show as industry experts, and they value the opinions expressed by them. Since most of our listeners go back and download the entire library of episodes, there is quite a bit of implicit trust built up.

The vast majority of our audience listens from the U.S., and other countries include the United Kingdom, India, Canada and Australia, in that order.
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Show Schedule

The Deeply Graphic DesignCast releases a new episode twice per month. The episodes are usually right around one hour in length. Topics vary between more creative episodes like “Artisan Business Cards” and more business-minded episodes, such as “Fixed vs. Hourly Pricing For Designers.”


Podcasting is revolutionizing the way people listen to content, and that means great things for advertisers. The Deeply Graphic DesignCast is a highly rated, and highly targeted podcast. Just by the very nature of the show, we know that the vast majority of listeners are in the graphic and/or web design field.
Knowing this, you can rest assured that you will get the best bang for your advertising buck, by putting your company directly in front of your core
demographic. And the best part is, these episodes will live on iTunes in perpetuity, with your advertisement intact. Since most listeners go back and
download the entire backlog of episodes, your ad will reach new listeners for years to come. Advertising packages include, but are not limited to:

  • 60 second “live read” within the first five minutes of the show
  • 60 second live read between the main topic and listener question
  • 30 second pre-taped read between the main topic and listener question (reused for multiple episodes)

Some of our current success stories include live reads for Shutterstock.com and Lynda.com, who have been sponsoring the show for the past 2 years. While they don’t share exact numbers with us, the fact that they have continued to renew would suggest that our live reads have been very beneficial to them.

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