Stand Out by Offering Digital Signage Design as a Service

Stand Out by Offering Digital Signage Design as a Service

Differentiation is something every business needs to succeed.

Competition in the design industry is fierce. There are plenty of options for businesses to choose from when they want a new website, a new app or an email program.

What makes you different than the other options?

Something you might not have considered is offering digital signage design as a service.

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What’s digital signage?

It’s actually one of the most common forms of advertising today.

What the Heck is Digital Signage?

Close your eyes for a second. We’re going to go on a little imagination journey.

Think of the last time you traveled around a city. If you stayed at a hotel right in the city you likely saw digital signage. In the lobby or by the elevators there are often digital displays showing advertisements for different restaurants and places to visit. The monitors display different images and presentations. It’s all part of digital signage.

Now, imagine the last time you entered a newer restaurant where you placed an order at the counter. As you looked behind the counter was there a digital display showing the latest options? This is another example of digital signage.

Finally, imagine walking into a college campus. As you walk into the main entrance you have a few options for your travel route. Usually just inside the entrance on a nearby wall there will be a digital display with information about the university including a directory.

Digital signage

There are many different places where digital signage is used. Doctor offices, government buildings, coffee houses and many others.

These businesses with physical locations appreciate the flexibility digital signage offers. Rather than printing signage for advertising, upselling or direction the businesses can invest in digital designs that can be implemented at a quicker pace so the content is always relevant.

Digital Signage Design as a Service

There are three reasons you should offer digital signage design as an additional service for your design business.

First, companies with physical locations need digital signage for various reasons. We’ve discussed a few of the reasons companies need signage – advertising, upselling and direction. There are other reasons as well. Companies have used signage in their offices and stores for decades. Today they appreciate the flexibility of digital signage and they need designers to create amazing presentations.
Second, digital signage design is very similar to Web design. The programming is very much the same and the design aspects should be familiar to you. In most cases you’re simply designing for a larger monitor, but there is still the focus of getting people to take action.
Finally, not many design firms are offering digital signage design as a service. This is where you can gain an advantage over the competition and really differentiate yourself.

For example, if there is a doctor office in need of a new website and new displays in their waiting room they are more likely to choose a single company that can handle both projects rather than hiring two separate companies that will struggle to keep designs consistent.

Digital signage design is an additional value you can add to your offering. Your clients will feel like they are getting more even though they will be giving you more overall revenue.

Next Steps

If you are interested in digital signage design the next step is to familiarize yourself with the process. You already possess many of the skills you’ll need to create the designs. As with all design the objective is to create an outcome that is in the best interest of the business and the customer.

For example, it’s in the best interest of a university for visitors to easily understand where they need to go. A digital signage display can show a directory of rooms and events. There will be no need for the university to have a secretary on staff for direction.

Digital signage is a Web-based solution. All presentations are hosted on a standard Web browser. The same coding languages are used. It’s a natural fit for Web designers and programmers.

Do you still have questions about digital signage?

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Todd Hemme is a Marketing Director with Rise Vision. To learn more about digital signage please visit Rise Vision.


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Claudia Inverso

August 6, 2013

First, please excuse my website, it is part of a wordpress class. I look forward to it’s completion.

My comment in in regards to digital signage and how do you find that notch. Is it independent where you sell the devises and then design them? Is it the customers responsibility to get the equipment and then the design and maintenance is separate?
I see digital signage every where and would love some advice on how to “jump on that train” Any advise would be welcome!


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