Deep discovery is the secret to our clients’ online success.

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What is discovery?

Discovery is a process we use to uncover true needs and create a roadmap to increase revenue for your company. We ask you questions, brainstorm together, and get to know your business as much as we possibly can.

How long does it take?

We meet for 3 meetings, each is about one hour long. We don’t do them all at once because breaking them up allows us to do our research between the meetings. We love bringing you information that you may not know about your competition, your current web performance, or your target audience. You’ll love it too.

What’s on the agenda?

Meeting one is all about you. Your company. What you stand for. Your story. Why you exist.

Meeting two is all about the people on the other side of you. Your audience. Who they are. What they need. What they do.

Meeting three is the connection point. We talk about engagement and how the people on the other side of your organization engage with you and how we can leverage revenue from that engagement.

You show up…

All you have to do is commit to showing up. It’s that easy. Gather all key decision makers and show up for the meetings. We will do the heavy lifting. You commit to 3 hours while we put in about 12 hours of work.


We do the research.

We prepare for the meetings, we lead the meetings by asking strategic questions that will give clarity about your company and it’s positioning in your region. After each meeting, we do additional research online with the information we gather from you.

What you’ll get

Once discovery is complete, we will present a strategic solution and a marketing roadmap that identifies the best path moving forward. You will then be presented a proposal for us to execute the project. You can opt to work with us, your in-house team, or another web pro of your choosing. Either way, the roadmap is a powerful standalone deliverable, and it’s yours to keep.

Increased revenue ahead!

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