Email Marketing Strategy: The Power of the P.S.

Video Transcript:

I’m not sure if you’re aware of this fact, but did you know that the traffic coming to your website from your email campaign converts higher than from any other source? That actually makes sense. You know the right email marketing campaign that delivers consistent value will end up making you more credible and more memorable than your competitors.

Now, today I want to show you a really simple addition you can use in just about any email marketing campaign and it has all to do with the PS. If you didn’t see my video about my ultimate email marketing campaign, you can find that right up here, but if you did, then you know already that I’m all about crafting emails that are all about your potential customer. You know, helping them solve problems and getting the information they need to make their lives easier. So how does this translate though into more sales for your business? It’s actually really simple, so you’re going to want to keep the body of the email 100 percent customer focused value added emails. You also want to use the main body of the email to not only educate but to change the way they think about something. For instance, in my business, I often need to reframe the way people look at their website from a glorified digital brochure that just sits there to something that can actually have a lot of potential to bring them in.

More customers very actively, and that simple act of changing or reframing, the way they think about something is actually a micro conversion. You’re essentially converting them from one frame of mind to another, and that very act of making that micro conversion is going to make them much more likely to make a real conversion once that is put in front of them, but I said, remember that this all has to do with the PS, so how does that come into play here? So at the end of this email that educates them and changes the way they think about something, you’re just going to add a ps that finally encourages them to take the desired action you want them to take. This can be as simple as to click through to a piece of content on your site or it can be more directly sales related. It can be something like to schedule an appointment or a consultation or even to make an actual sale on your site.

So why does this go in the PS? Well, you’ll find that most people when they get an email, they’ll skim the body of it, but then their eyes are going to go right to that PS at the very end because they think there’s going to be something particularly juicy in there or they think it might even be the primary reason for the email itself, and the other reason is it makes it stand out and it comes at the very end and people love to be told what to do next. So basically by giving your audience that are marching orders, you’re taking all the guesswork out of the equation and you’re making the path very clear for them. This helps set you up as a trusted guide and that’s going to pave the way for others and micro conversions which lead to actual sales conversions when the time comes for that.

So I hope you can see how simple and effective this strategy actually is, but now is the time where I want to hear from you and I want to know what your biggest takeaway was from this video or even better. How do you plan on using this PS strategy inside your own business? I want to know all about it, so leave that or any questions or comments you have right in the comments below.

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