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In our last video we talked all about how to get leads from your website. We talked about lead magnets, so you’ve started building your list. Now what? What do you do with all those people on your list? Well, ideally you want to get them into a really powerful email campaign that’s going to deliver value and build those relationships so that you can close more deals over time.

Here are my best email marketing tips.

Now we’re going to talk about this campaign in basically two steps. The first step is delivering on your lead magnet, so if you missed the last video about how to get leads with your website, we talked all about the different kinds of lead magnets you can use. Just click right up here to get that video, but when we’re talking about delivering that lead magnet, ideally that’s going to come with more than one email. In that video we did talk about several different kinds of lead magnets. Some are one offs and some were more in a series and I mentioned that I prefer to the series because it lets you build that relationship over time. So that’s why I like things like the multi-day challenges or video series and either of these it lets you send out different parts of it every single day which just results in a deeper relationship being built.

So ideally what I might recommend would be basically a five part series that could either be video, audio or a challenge where you’re giving different assignments every single day with a special offer, a call to action at the end. As a thank you for completing it and for that special offer. I definitely recommend you put a 24 hour or 48 hour clock on it. That’s just really good at getting people to take action right away. Okay, so that’s just delivering on the lead magnet. That’s the bare minimum. But what I recommend we do after that as a step two is a more ongoing nurturing campaigns. So what these are, are valuable, you know, a value added emails, uh, that usually will link back to your site for that valuable content, what they are not our promotional emails, you know, buy, buy, buy, that’s just going to really annoy people and you’re going to get a lot of unsubscribes from that.

And as a result, most of the big email programs will actually stop putting your emails in the inbox and they’ll go more to the promotional tab. So you don’t want that. You want all your emails to really add value to your customers. That’s what we’re trying to do here. We’re really not trying to outright sell. We’re trying to establish you as the go-to person in your field so that when they’re ready, they’re going to just naturally think about you. So what should these emails be? Well, again, they’re going to be helpful content, so what I would recommend is a that can either link to helpful blog posts on your site or videos on your site or if that sounds like too tall an order like you don’t really want to be writing a blog post or making a video every week. You can simplify it a bit by just including one quick tip in each email so that would be completely self contained.

A wouldn’t necessarily link back to your site or if the idea of writing that blog post sounds like too tall in order for you, but you have some money to put behind it. You can always find freelance writers on upwork who can take care of those blog posts for you. Sometimes for as low as about $25 a post that is on the low end. You might need to pay a little bit more for a really high quality posts, but just letting you know that is an option. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Now, in terms of your call to action within these emails, it’s really up to you so you can either end every email with a really soft call to action. Something like if you ever need any help implementing any of this, you can reach out to me here, or you can choose to limit those to every three or four or five emails so that it’s just basically a value value, value call to action.

Now, if you’re leading people back to a blog post, where I would recommend is just ending every blog post with that light called action. So where you can do is just either you or your developer can just build that into the template. So every time you write an article that called action just naturally appears at the very end of it. And if you’re choosing to lead people back to a video or to a podcast a, what I would do is just naturally end every video or podcast with that same call to action. So in any case here, what you’re really doing is you’re just adding a lot of value upfront and then you’re closing it with a really natural, hey, if there’s anything I can do for you to help you out with any of this, you can contact me. So I know I’m going to get the question.

How often should I send one of these emails? I would shoot for at least once a week, maybe two week. Some people say once a day, I tend to think that’s a little heavy. Um, and, but once you start getting any less frequent than once a week, now people are starting to forget about you in between. So, uh, I think once or twice a week is the sweet spot that I would recommend for you. Okay. So on the tech side, how do you actually get this done? Well, you’re definitely gonna want to set up an email autoresponder? Um, think of a service like mailchimp. I prefer the service called drip and I’ll leave the link to that in the description below. I like drip because it’s free up to 500 subscribers and it has a lot of really automated features that you’ll find in some of the more expensive programs, again, for free until you get to 500.

So that’s pretty cool. So once you’re in there, you’re gonna want to put together your delivery for your lead magnet and if it’s a one off, obviously you’re just going to have it send immediately. And if it’s a series you can play around with the timing a little bit. What I might do is the first one would go out and immediately, uh, then the second one might go out the following morning around 9:30 AM. And then each subsequent one would go out around the same time and you can test and play around and see when these emails tend to get open to the most because you can see all those analytics right there in the dashboard. And then as far as the ongoing element goes, you know those follow up emails that you’re sending, adding value, you can either send each as a manual blast, meaning every week you write a new email and you blast it out to your entire list.

Or what I like to do and what I would recommend you do as well, is as you write all these emails, because you have to start from scratch, probably once you write all these emails out once a week or twice a week, save each one as part of another auto responder series. So what happens when you do that is let’s say you put together six months or a year’s worth of these emails, then you can pretty much stop because every new person that gets your lead magnet then gets put into that same series starting with email one. So you write all the emails and then they become part of a series that anyone can pick up with today, tomorrow, next week, and then we’ll get all those emails you already wrote, right? In order. That’s just a really good way to automate things. And it’s smart because you know you may not have time to keep up with this forever.

Just one word of warning about that. If you do that and set these as kind of a set it and forget it, automated campaign, you’re definitely gonna want to keep an eye out for any changing trends or any helpful advice that you gave that may become outdated so you’re gonna want to keep track of that and then swapped those emails out with newer versions as needed. Okay. Now I want to talk a little bit about the design of these emails. So basically a lot of these programs including mailchimp and drip, what have you, they come with a lot of really professionally designed templates, but I would actually resist the urge to use those. And here’s why. The more image heavy that your emails are, the more they’re going to look promotional. This means two things. This means they’re probably going to get ignored by most of the people reading them because they look like they’re just from accompany.

And secondly, the email programs like g mail outlook, these things are going to tend to want to put those kind of emails into the promotions tab. What you want is to wind up in people’s actual inbox, but one thing to do actually like to do, um, and it’s going to depend on your brand’s personality, but what I like to do is add animated gifts. Sometimes in those emails, they just make the emails a little more entertaining and they can get a point across better than plain text alone can. But again, it depends on your business. If you were an attorney that might not really fly, so use your judgment there. And if you’re looking through to a video, would I like to do is take a screenshot of the thumbnail image and embedded right in the email so that people will click on that and then go right to the video.

You’ll tend to get a few more of click on the video if you do it that way. Few other design considerations, just keep the paragraphs nice and short and keep the width of the text pretty narrow as well. Okay. In terms of copywriting, how to actually write these emails, um, I can give you a few tips. The first one would just be to write with a certain degree of personality. Um, I know a lot of companies make the mistake of thinking the more professional they can appear, the more people are going to want to work with them in general. That’s not actually the case. People want to do business with people that they like. I’m in. One of the best ways to do that is to write conversationally and you’d be surprised you can even get away with this and a lot of business to business or more corporate a niches as well.

So I challenge you to get a little less corporate and a little more conversational in your writing, especially with emails. Uh, they should be fairly short to get right to the point. If you have a helpful tip just included in the email and if you’re linking to the blog post or the podcast or a video, make the texture. Just give a few reasons why they might want to watch it or read it, and then just get them right over to the post. Next, you’re going to want to make it personal, and I know you’re actually writing this to all of your list, but you’re definitely gonna. Want to do a few things like using their first name, which is basically an automatic thing you can do within the email program, so really think of it as you’re writing. You’re writing to that one person. You’re not writing to everybody, you’re not speaking to a group, you’re speaking to one person.

Use words like you and me to really establish a bond between you and your customer. All right, now I want to hear from you. I want to know if this gave you any good ideas for your next email campaign. I want to hear all about it in the comments below, so just leave that or any comments or questions down there and I will get to all of them.

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