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Balancing Work & Life as Creative Professionals

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The gang has a frank conversation about how we try to balance our personal and professional lives... even when we feel like we're failing at it!


What’s Coming Next to Creative Cloud?

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The gang sits in with Adobe's own Paul Trani and Michael Chaize to discuss all the exciting new features coming to the Cloud (and a few that just dropped!)


Your Online Portfolio

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Maybe you already have a graphic design portfolio website — maybe not yet. Either way, this will get you on the right track to showcasing your best work.


Stop the Scope Creep!

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If you've ever worked on a project that seems to never end... that keeps being pushed further and further away from the finish line, this episode's for you


Why Your Consult Calls Aren’t Working (& How to Fix It!)

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In this episode, the gang will troubleshoot your consultation/intro/discovery calls and give you the 3 big pieces of advice to turn it all around.


Building Brand Loyalty With Johnny Cupcakes!

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We sat down with Johnny Cupcakes this week to talk about how he's managed to master the art of building brand loyalty — and how YOU can do it too!


The DOs of Running Your Own Design Business

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If you're running your own design studio, here's what you actually SHOULD be doing — from mindset shifts, to practical, actionable steps you can take today.


The Don’ts of Running Your Own Design Business

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Whether you've been running your own design business for years, or if you're just in the process of considering it, don't make any of these rookie mistakes!


The Downside of Big Fish Clients

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While having a big client sounds like a dream come true for any designer, it can put your business at serious risk, often with little to no advance notice.


2019 Logo Design Trends With LogoLounge’s Bill Gardner!

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Well, LogoLounge's annual logo trend report just dropped, so you know what that means! We get to sit down with Bill G. to get the logo skinny!


Every episode of The Deeply Graphic DesignCast podcast covers a new graphic design-related topic, and a few relevant tangents along the way. We also answer listener-submitted questions in every episode.

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