Spring has sprung: simple images that invoke spring into your designs

Spring has sprung: simple images that invoke spring into your designs

We all recall the news stories about the now infamous, polar vortex and the havoc that the cold months can bring on us. I still can’t get that image of the burning car in North Carolina out of my head (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/13/photo-south-storm_n_4784280.html). But I digress…

Depending on where you live, spring may or may not be a big deal. Regardless of where you live, design work can become a bit stale as we make our way into spring. To freshen up your design try a few of these images and ideas to keep your work lively and in season.

Mix up your color palette.

If you’ve found yourself drawn to blues, blacks, and grays, try to incorporate colors that exhibit spring, renewal and growth. I’m talking about bright greens, yellows, and blues. Stay away from pastels unless you are designing an Easter related piece.

Play with high-contrast components.

Take an existing element in your design and swap out its’ colors to something that stands out completely. Take that dull digital canvas and add something in hot pink or neon green that pops. Play around with different components of your design to see if you can bring some life to the piece with a little (or a lot of) contrast.

Grass. (Unfortunately, not the kind you smoke)

It sounds very cheesy and obvious, but adding a grass element can instantly give your design a breath of fresh air. There are hundreds of ways to approach this. Photographs, shapes, vector art. Just play around with the idea. I use this approach when I am working with run-of-the-mill commercial clients, not typically my higher-end ones. Don’t forget, grass doesn’t have to be green! Play with your color options!


The sun is what allows all living things to survive. It can also be used to add a cheerful aspect to your design. Sunbursts, vector images of the sun, images of blue skies can all add an element of spring and brightness to your design. I love the idea of sunbursts that are in fun colors over a contrasting background.

Trees and wood grains.

Continuing with living things, trees and wood grains are a really fun way to change up your design and still keep on a renewal/growth tangent that spring brings. Play around with elements like branches, leaves, and roots. The unique and gorgeous patterns found in wood grain can be extracted and applied to a variety of colors. Real life photographs or vector art can both bring a punch of spring into your design.

Fresh fruit and produce.

Think farmers market here. Bright colors, fun shapes and that earthy granola vibe. Yeah a big carrot on a design piece for an attorney’s office might not be the best fit, but use your expertise and consider it as an option to elevate your design and creativity.

Even if the grass hasn’t started growing where you live, implementing these images and suggestions for design will definitely get you and your design in spring fever. Dare to be bold –the best ideas always come from bold decisions and choices. Bright colors, tasteful contrasting, and a few spring evoking images can elevate your design to work as we make our way through spring.

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Michelle M.

April 27, 2016

Love the topic of this post. Would have been nice/helpful to see examples of each of the strategies you mentioned.


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