Five Useful Apps For Learning HTML5

Five Useful Apps For Learning HTML5

Let’s face it. We’re all still getting used to HTML5. There are a bazillion HTML5 reference books, but who has the time to read them? HTML5 reference websites and mobile apps can make your life easier by providing you with critical information about the new markup language when you need it. If you’re a web designer who’s still getting the hang of HTML5, check out these helpful reference apps:

1. HTML5 Pro Quick Guide

This app, created by Mobile Apps Maui, the maker of useful CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP reference apps, is one of the most popular among web designers for a reason. HTML5 Pro Quick Guide starts with the basics of HTML5 and ends with the most advanced things you’ll need to know about the markup language. It also provides some nice CSS and HTML 4.01 reference information, and its section on browser compatibility will save you from having to pull all your hair out in frustration. Trust me. This app is available for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows mobile devices.

2. O’Reilly HTML5 & (X)HTML Mobile Reference

This beta app does a thorough job of going over the HTML5, HTML 4.01, and XHTML elements, attributes, and characters you need to know as a web designer. It’s easy to navigate, comprehensive, and makes searching for and finding the code you need simple. It’s built for iPhones, but it works on Android devices too (with a few bugs). This app is already pretty impressive, and we can expect it to be even better once it goes out of beta.

3. <HTML5> Tutor for Android

If you learn best by doing, this is the app for you. It provides tons of useful information about using HTML5 and lets you edit and test out code right from the app. <HTML5> Tutor for Android also goes into some detail about new CSS3 properties and JavaScript APIs. By the time you finish going through this app, you’ll easily be able to draw on HTML5 Canvas with JavaScript and use those tricky audio and video tags.

4. HTML5 Reference Guide for iPhone and iPad

This app is straightforward and comprehensive, like most of the things Evolonix makes. It lays out the tags, standard attributes, and event attributes you should know in a clear, precise manner. Its search feature makes locating tags and attributes simple. The examples of clean HTML5 code this app provides are especially helpful. This is definitely a solid choice for iOS users.

5. Learn HTML5 from WAGmob

If you’re completely new to HTML5, there are few better apps than this one. It uses flashcards, quizzes, and examples to teach you how to get the most out of HTML5. Additionally, it lets you bookmark things you want to reference later and search for specific topics. Learn HTML5 works on all the major mobile devices, and it’s a gem.

Don’t let HTML5 get you down. Check out the apps listed above and keep on creating mesmerizing designs!

Rachel Sanders is a freelance writer and designer who creates content for various education, design, and business websites. When Rachel isn’t writing informative articles and designing websites, she likes to read, research education trends, and discuss typography. Please leave comments and questions for Rachel below. She appreciates your feedback!

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