How to Maximize a Tight Website Budget

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Usually being a small business owner means you don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to get a website. So what are your options and where should you be spending that money in order to get the biggest bang for your buck and to generate leads and customers from your website.

So the biggest mistake I see small business owners make over and over again is they don’t have a whole lot of money, but they want to blow that entire budget on just the most creative, cool website in the world. Now, there’s nothing wrong with creativity and there’s nothing wrong with having a cool, impactful website, but is that really the best place to be spending your money on a budget? In other words is cool. The most important thing. So today I’m really going to be focusing on three common budget ranges and what should be prioritized within each. I’ll talk about where it makes sense to spend a little bit more and then where you can safely spend a little bit less to make up for that. Okay? First up we’re going to start right at the bottom and if your budget is under $1,000, this is obviously a very limited budget and it doesn’t really allow you to talk to a web consultant to get that strategy defined for your site.

So what I recommend here is just kind of doing a diy strategy and if you’re going to be planning that out of yourself, I actually have a free resource for you and that it’s my free mini course, how to guarantee website Roi, and you can get that by clicking right up here, and that’s basically going to walk you through all the five most important elements that you need to define before you get started on thinking about designing your website. So then where do I recommend actually spending your money? Well, I recommend splurging on a copywriter for your number one most important page, and you can probably find a copywriter who will do this for around $200. It can definitely get more expensive than that. Copywriters can go into the tens of thousands of dollars, but I think you can find a good one for around $200 bucks who will do your most important page as I love to say, a good design will keep people from leaving your website, but only the right words are gonna.

Make this sale and good web sales copy writing is a skill unto itself. And you definitely don’t want to skimp there and you don’t want to try to do that yourself unless you’re really skilled at that. So I definitely recommend going to a site like upwork and just doing a search for sales copywriters and then make sure they’ve got lots of good reviews. So then what about the actual design of the website itself? I actually recommend going to the auto marketplace and finding a good wordpress theme customizer. This person will be able to take the copy you get from your copywriter and any other content you have, images, brand colors, your logo, all those things, and put it together and customize an existing wordpress theme to make it look like it’s your brand. You can usually find someone who will do this for you from around a 100 to $300.

I definitely would want you to resist the urge at this price point of under a thousand dollars to spend that entire amount of money on hiring a freelance designer. And even if they’re a great designer, all the great design in the world really isn’t going to make up for a lack of strategy or a persuasive content. And there really are thousands of beautiful wordpress themes out there that you can fill with your own content to get a really customized look. No, I do want to address with your thinking. I’m sure you’re probably thinking to yourself, well, you know, getting that wordpress customize theme seems like a much less sexy option than getting an a website custom designed for your business. And I get it. When you’re planning a new website, the design part is the most exciting for most people you know. And the idea of spending money on things like strategy and copy sounds a lot less exciting.

Right? And believe me, I understand that, but if you only take one thing away from this video, I want you to take this away from it. Your website is not an art project. It’s a sales tool for your business. And if you think of it as art first, business second, it is probably going to fail it bringing you any new business at all. And that doesn’t mean it can’t look fantastic and modern. It absolutely can. But if it’s not built on any kind of a customer generation strategy, no matter how awesome it looks, it’s probably just going to sit there looking awesome and doing very little else. Okay? And that brings us to our next price point of between one and $5,000. Now this is the price point where most businesses go out there and try to hire a freelance web designer because you can readily find them at this price point.

But I still recommend against going that route. And this is because most designers are only going to come at it from that very visual perspective. And when all the emphasis is going on, design and aesthetics, it’s not going to translate into a useful tool for your business. So here’s where you should focus instead. So I think the best way to spend this budget is actually to get solid help with your websites strategy. There are lots of web consultants out there that can do this for you and work with you. You can actually work directly with me for right around $2,000. That’s gonna help you define the strategy and exactly what needs to be included on your site to be as effective as possible, and if you’re on the lower end of this budget and you don’t have that $2,000 to put toward that. Again, I would encourage you to sign up for that free mini course, which you can get right up here.

Then once the strategy’s defined, either by you doing it yourself or working with me or another web consultants. Next is time for the copyrighting. Your strategy should include a landing pages that will do a lot of the heavy lifting on your site, and those landing pages need to be filled with really persuasive sales copy that play to the goals of your customers and overcome objections as well. And again, instead of going with a from scratch web design from a freelancer, now it’s still recommend going with one of these wordpress customizers. But at this higher budget, you can really afford to work with a top level pro who will also act as a bit of a designer and they’ll actually help you choose the best theme that’s going to go with, uh, with the content you’ve got. And they’ll also go a little bit more above and beyond in the customization of creating different areas and layout changes as needed to really fit your content as perfectly as possible.

And of course they’re going to do the things like customizing the colors, the fonts, adding in your logo, your images, all those things that are really going to take it from being just a wordpress theme to really looking very accustomed to your brand. Okay, now let’s talk about our next budget, which is between five and $10,000. So while there’s still isn’t a huge budget for a website, it still does open up your world quite a bit and gives you some options. At this price point, you actually could spend some additional budget on a fully custom design. So you’d still want to first spend some money on getting a strategy developed and really great persuasive sales copy, but then you can pretty much go out and find a good freelance web designer around three to $5,000 who will bring that strategy to life. Or you can choose to spend that additional money on an all in one solution that’s really gonna.

Make your life a little easier, so between five and $7,000 you can actually work directly with me in the deep end to develop that strategy, create the custom copy content that you’re going to need on your most important pages, and then we would actually do the work with you of finding the best suited wordpress theme that we would really customize with. Again, your colors, your logo, your fonts, all the content that we need to make it very custom to your brand. At the end of the day, I think you’d have a really hard time distinguishing between customize wordpress theme and a fully custom website that was given to you by a freelance web designer and you get the extra benefit of having us project manage it from start to finish so you don’t have to go from vendor to vendor a that throughout the process, and if you want to learn more about that, you can click right up here to schedule a consultation just between you and me.

All right, so now I want to hear from you and I want to know what was your biggest takeaway from this video or how do you plan on maximizing your website budget? I want to know all about it so we have that with any other questions or comments in the comment section below, I’ll go through all of it and I’ll answer any questions that I possibly can.

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