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2014 Logo Design Trends

2014 Logo Design Trends

Bill Gardner, founder of LogoLounge, returns to the DesignCast to talk with Wes McDowell and Nick Longo about logo design trends in 2014.

LogoLounge is the best place to find logo reference materials on the web with a huge database of expertly crafted logos (200,000 and counting).

Bill Gardner has been collecting and examining trends in logo design for years and you can see the trend reports all the way from 2003 at LogoLounge. Each report is a multi-page in-depth look into the logo trends for that year including example logo designs – a real boon for designers everywhere.

In fact, while listening to this episode, please feel free to head to LogoLounge and look for the “2014 Logo Trend Report” link on the right hand side, or the ‘Trends Reports’ link in the footer – this way you can follow along!

2013 was a tipping point in web design: Mobile devices are overtaking the larger, more traditional devices for surfing the web, and we need to take this into account when creating logos and designs. It is no longer good enough to have a logo look good in inches when it may be shrunk to a quarter inch on a mobile device, or used as a favicon for the client’s website.

How will your logo look squeezed onto a screen as small as a business card? Will it hold up to the rigors of the small screens of smart-phones and tablets?

And how are others taking on this challenge?

Bill Gardner lets us in on what he sees as the 2014 logo design trends we can expect. Designers everywhere are reacting to the changing trends and user expectations, trying different techniques to develop logos both eye-catching and workable at any size and on any device.

Will the sharp, clean mono-line become the predominate style of the year? Is the hyper-flat logo design trend backing off and making room for the glassy, more ‘realistic’ look and feel like the newest iteration of the NBC peacock?

Bill finds digital waves reminiscent of Wi-Fi symbols bubbling to the top, hexagon shaped logos popping up more often than even he expects, and birds and woodland creatures – created with stacks of geometric shapes – dancing onto the design stage everywhere.

Bill also talks about a few logo trends not in the 2014 Logo Trends report – including the rise of responsive, digital only logos like you can find at Bureau347 – just for us at the DesignCast, so don’t miss it!

You can always reach out to Bill via the contact page of LogoLounge or via email at, and let him know of any trends you are seeing in logo design today!

You can find more of Bill Gardner’s wisdom at where you can start a free trial just for our listeners at, along with hundreds of other professional videos and classes on design, photography, software and more.

Last, but not least, we answer a new listener question on how necessary classical art education is for graphic designers. Does an art education help, or hinder, design work? Or is it important to be as diverse as possible in your knowledge and education?

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August 1, 2014

In this show you mentioned behance’s prosite. My site was created from prosite and I love it. Definitely worth taking a look. Prosite enabled a lot more customization that I thought going in and easy to use, even if you don’t know HTML or CSS. My favorite part is how I can add my best projects to the site straight from my Behance and edit them really easily.


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