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New Year, New Design Processes

New Year, New Design Processes

Every now and then its a good idea to step back, and ask yourself what’s working in your design business, and what isn’t. In this episode, the gang reflects on what new processes they want to start implementing in 2016 in order to grow their businesses.

We talk about many goals, including raising our rates, focusing on how to truly help our clients’ businesses through our design work, and much, much more.

We also answer a twitter question about video projects. And stick around for a few bonus interviews Nick did with some other design solopreneurs about their 2016 goals!

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January 25, 2016

Hey guys, U.K. Based designer, been listening to your show from the beginning and your doing a great job.

So I recently wrote a post about processes and have to say for designers there are 2 packages that I’ve found priceless for managing the things we hate the most.

So basecamp, used by a lot of businesses is brilliant, saves you searching for mail and also helps keeps your shared files in 1 place.

The 2nd would be an online app called pay dirt which is a time tracker that also manages your clients, creates estimates and quotes. Much more designer friendly than fresh books although I know these guys sponsor you ;)

An idea for a future episode would be that of UI design and website prototyping. There are currently many different options for prototyping currently and with Adobe project comet on the horizon I think it’s going to be a game changer for UI designers.




February 9, 2016

Thank you for everything! I love listening via headphones while I walk the hills of Marin for exercise.

I’ve been thinking about Wes’ push to add video introductions on websites, and for some reason I think this may be an easier thing for men than some women. Men are judged on a completely different set of visual criteria than women are, and this probably wasn’t taken into consideration. I see all kinds of cans of worms for a woman doing this. Ist of all, if she’s not 100% ‘hot’ or close to it, it actually might HURT someone’s business, the world is unfortunately THAT shallow. Sure its a great idea if you look gorgeous like the 2 Connecting Things girls, but if you’re not pretty much just like that, or some version of it, you’re probably just opening yourself up to ridicule. And you could be the best web and brand designer of all time, it just wouldn’t matter one iota. Just as the last winner of Project Runway in one round was chosen last on a team challenge schoolyard pick simply because she was overweight, regardless of the fact that she had won 2 rounds already and proven her design chops and was a sweet person. If you carry any extra weight you can just forget the idea of a video intro altogether if you’re a woman, but that wouldn’t matter if you were a guy, for instance. Guys can look like trolls and people will just think they’re hipsters.

In fact, there are a ton of ways the different sexes are treated differently in business, and that would be an awesome topic. What is the dance you have to do if you’re a woman, or a man, that may be different?

Thanks again! Cheers to the next 100 episodes!
All my best,
Caroline Lomba


Marissa R Emerson

May 5, 2016


Can you talk more about the services that you utilize that do the small changes for your wordpress clients? I can’t tell you anything I like less than when my clients wants me to make tiny updates to their wordpress sites. Thank you for the awesome podcast! This is my 3rd time posting a question :)


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