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Web Design Trends Going into 2016

Web Design Trends Going into 2016

With 2015 almost turning to 2016, the gang takes a look at some of the more popular, innovative and controversial web design trends going on right now, as well as what 2016 web design trends will look like.

As with all trend shows, we want to reiterate that just because a trend exists, doesn’t mean you have to or should be using them. Some trends work great for a very specific type of site, not so well for others. Having said that, Wes seems to be using all of them for his website refresh that is currently under way.

Trend setter or slave to the trends? Only time will tell!

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Featured image courtesy of eightandfour

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Kasey Robinson

October 12, 2015

What was the app mentioned, that generates the (eg.) “hair-blowing-in-the-wind” pictures? Thanks!



June 12, 2016

Hi there , Don`t you guys think the Peugeot site website have a Poor User Experience ?
I can`t find out where I am going and where I am after using it for 10 minutes

Although the design is really cool :)


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