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Advice for the Graduating Design Student

Advice for the Graduating Design Student

With spring break well behind us, thoughts turn to summer, and maybe even graduation. Good thing we have our resident design professor Nick to dole out some awesome advice to all you grads out there. And in the spirit of not leaving the rest of you out, this advice is pretty great for any designer when it comes to job interviewing, and portfolio sprucing.

We also answer a listener question about the best way to become known as an authority in the design realm.

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April 16, 2017

I loved listening to this episode. I actually read Nick’s post on Medium before listening to this, but the elaboration here was helpful as well. I agree that your portfolio is really important as a designer. At my school, there is an entire 15-week course on only your portfolio. They really treat it as a coffee table book. They are printed on beautiful hardcover books with the paper and everything chosen by the designer. Additionally, they create a website (digital portfolio) and mailers, business cards, one-sheets, and small brochures to add to their portfolio display. Most of these students will be presenting at shows and create this material to hand out. I think it’s just important to take your portfolio just as seriously, if not more seriously than any one project. Make sure you really do a good job at presenting your hard work as best as you can. Don’t use the plastic sleeve portfolios you can buy at Walmart. That’s probably the worse thing you can do, especially as a graphic designer.



April 17, 2017

Thanks Jonathan! Great addition points!


Brian Schnurr

April 21, 2017

Hey Wes, (couldn’t find the proper form for the listener question, so I am posting it here)

My name is Brian Schnurr, and I web designer, and a huge fan of the show.

Here are my question(s): My current business name, is my real name, but is it better to use a different name, like an agency would? What are the pros and cons? Can I charge more sounding like an agency? Or are there downsides to it?



    Wes McDowell

    May 10, 2017

    Hi Brian, thanks for the question! We’ve definitely answered this one in the past… I’d check out our episode on personal branding, I think we talk about it at length there.


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