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Be Your Own Trendsetter

Be Your Own Trendsetter

We talk a lot about design trends, but when is it time to break away from the pack and try something totally different? And with a never ending supply of design inspiration out there, how do you turn down the noise enough to explore your own creativity?

In this episode, the gang explores this idea, and how it can apply to print, branding and web design. We’ve got some great examples from our own projects, and we also talk about how to push the envelope creatively within the real-life constraints that we often find ourselves in.

We also answer a new listener question about how to make potential clients see your work as superior, when they lack the “designer’s eye.”

And special shout-out to Aleisther Guido for this awesome piece of fan art!

pink fan art

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Sean Jamshidi

February 4, 2017

Do two logo concepts. Narrow it done to one. Once the decision has been made with minor changes, then do discovery but that is the later stage of branding. You should do the branding part not to sell them the logo but rather expand on marketing and branding and should be paid for. This is called the discovery and brand development.



May 11, 2017

I loved listening to this! I follow a great brand designer (Spruce Rd.) who actually implements the one logo method. I thought she was insane and ridiculous until I implemented it for myself and it truly works as long as you truly truly dive deep into discovery and present it in context so that the client understands.


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