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Clients From Hell

Clients From Hell

Working with great design clients is what makes our job so amazing. Then there are the OTHER ones. Clients who don’t value your work. Clients who give vague feedback, or who will “know it when they see it.” Most of the time, this is all on us as the designer — we haven’t properly communicated our process or our value. But what about those times when you just have a “client from Hell?”

This week, we’re joined by former editor-in-chief of Clients From Hell, Bryce Bladon. We talk all about these types of clients: warning signs to look out for, how to bow out gracefully, and how to just get the f*** out when necessary. You’ll learn what to include in your contract, and how to handle yourself in these sticky situations.

We also answer a listener question about “how old is too old” to get started in graphic design. (Spoiler alert, it isn’t 25.)

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Christopher Sanchez

October 6, 2017

Just asking a web question here…How do go about implementing or advise clients about ADA/WCAG 2.0 compliance?


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