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Creating The Perfect Designer LinkedIn Profile

Creating The Perfect Designer LinkedIn Profile

We’ve talked a lot in the past about using Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to find new clients, but LinkedIn is all business — so it makes sense to use it if you’re selling design services TO businesses.

In this pro-tip-packed episode, the gang covers every base to making the most of your LinkedIn profile, so you can stand out among all the other designers out there.

And in our next episode, we’ll continue the conversation and show you how to take that minty-fresh new profile and use it to go find your best new clients. You definitely don’t want to miss either episode.

We also answer a listener question about our office setups, what we can’t live without, and what we definitely can.

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Laura A Grant

November 14, 2018

Mikelle – tell us more about your note taking process! I’m a mom of 3 [crazy] boys and freelance about 20+ hrs/week – revising my notes/calendar/task list procedures constantly. I am the ‘grab anything off your desk and scribble down notes’ person you referenced. But I hate it. Do share!


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