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Diving Deep into Discovery

Diving Deep into Discovery

Do you know the best way to deliver real value to your clients? Coincidentally, it’s the same thing that will allow you to charge much more than you’re charging now—Discovery.

Discovery is the secret sauce to solving real problems in your clients’ business. When you stop simply taking orders based on your clients’ stated needs, and digging deeper, you can provide web design, branding, or just about any other type of design that actually connects with their audience, contributing to their bottom line.

In this episode, listen as the gang goes over their discovery processes, and how they use discovery to unlock unexpected gold nuggets of info that they can build a thoughtful project around.

We also answer a new listener question about how to tell a potential client why not to use a DIY web builder for their website.

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Scott Lowry

March 4, 2017

Really enjoyed hearing your guys point of view on the kickoff project process.



April 8, 2017

This was the second podcast I have listened to from you guys – realized very quickly that there was a fellow alumnus from a certain boot camp. Small world. Great podcast with great info.


Wes McDowell

April 11, 2017

Ha, small world indeed, Leslie! Hope you got as much out of it as I did!


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