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DesignCast 110: The LIVE Show!

DesignCast 110: The LIVE Show!

Our last live show was so much fun that we’re continuing the tradition, answering your questions live! But if you missed the show, no worries, you can catch up with it now.

In this jam-packed episode, the gang answers an insane number of listener questions — some personal, some professional — all while saying goodbye to sobriety.

Remember, we’re going to try to do live shows like this every ten episodes, so if you missed our last two, no excuses next time!

You can either listen to the audio-only feed as usual, or watch the video below for the closest thing to the real live experience.


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Walker Ballantyne-Maund

June 2, 2016

Hey Guys!

Huge fan first time writer. Shouting out from Toronto Canada! Just wondering how I get involved with your live shows? Where is the chat you talk about through the episode? I’m a freelancer, 2 years in, and BRIMMING with questions I would love to put forth!

Thank so much for the answer and more so for the podcast. My business has just started to attract a larger audience and you’re cast has given me some amazing tip in managing that. KUDOS!

Thanks again!
Walker Ballantyne

PS – Question to submi (One of many, I’m sure)t: What is you opinion on naming your design company? I’ve been working under my own name for a number of years (Starting as an illustrator this made sense) but do you think a business name (That isn’t your given name) is more beneficial when marketing yourself as a designer?


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