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Jeepers! It’s the Scope Creeper!

Jeepers! It’s the Scope Creeper!

Wrapping up our “design dilemma” series, this week we focus on a spooky Halloween tale that will strike fear in the hearts of designers everywhere… scope creep! So take a listen… If you dare.

Sam recently faced such a tale of terror in his own studio, and lived long enough to tell us about it. We learn how he got into this mess in the first place, and we talk about ways to deal with it beforehand, as well as after-the-fact. There are many things you can do to combat scope creep in your design business, beginning with your contract.

It may be too late for Sam, but you can all still save yourselves…

We also answer a few new listener questions about teaming up with other freelancers and how to bill your clients for stock images.

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Chris Payne

November 4, 2013

Hi guys… Nice show again!

I can deffo relate to a few for your ‘scope creeping’ stories.. Currently Ive got a client who is constantly asking for things beyond the original scope, it’s tough to push back as we get on well and I get a lot of good projects coming my way because of him, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do.

Occasionally in the past I have done the odd, out of scope, design for him, as a good will offering, and knowing that, that extra bit of work would look great in my portfolio, however, these days i’m a lot more choosy over what out of scope things i do for free.

One day it would be great to see visuals of the projects that you are talking about. However i understand that this would be difficult due to client / company confidentiality.

Really like the show.. Can’t wait for the next one.

Chris Payne


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