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DesignCast 60: Two Men & A Listener Question Show

DesignCast 60: Two Men & A Listener Question Show

In this, our 60th episode, we mourn the temporary absence of Mikelle by reaching deep into our mailbag to answer more of your listener submitted questions! Without Mikelle’s usual sweetness,  this episode is our manliest yet. Wes and Nick tackle a wide variety of topics, including:



  • How to improve the overall quality of your work
  • How to be a healthy freelancer
  • How to make a comprehensive WordPress training manual for your web design clients
  • How you should approach taking over for another designer mid-project
  • How to approach a WordPress website project… where do you start, and how do you plan it all out?
  • How do you balance being a “pixel pusher” with being the creative genius you want to be?

In other exciting news, right after we recorded this episode, Mikelle finally gave birth to her son Oakly Vedder! With a name like that, he is destined to become a bona fide rock star!

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Gabby Michel

April 28, 2014

Hi Guys,

Thank you for answering my question about the WordPress site and how you use them and how much you use the web developers. Since then I actually watched a few tutorials and one in particular that helps you convert and html site into a WordPress custom site. which helped a lot because I can’t afford a developer right now and need to land a few jobs before I can get to that point.

Great show as always, Thanks again. Gabby


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