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Responsive Logo Design is a Thing!

Responsive Logo Design is a Thing!

When you hear the word responsive, you probably think of scalable websites. Well it turns out that the same principle can apply to logos as well. Instead of just designing and delivering a single all-purpose logo for a client, you can now choose to go the responsive route and deliver several variations on the same logo. Variations which are meant to be displayed at different resolutions.

In this episode, the gang has an in-depth discussion about this emerging trend in logo design, and what it means for your design business, as well as branding in general. Are responsive logos the wave of the future, or just the fad of the month? Do they help build a brand or do they end up fragmenting it? How would the logo design process change when designing a responsive logo? How do you charge for it?

We answer all these questions in addition to one submitted by a listener regarding paying for fonts versus just using free ones.

Show Links

  • – Cool site showing examples of big brand responsive logos
  • The house example we referenced in the show
  • Shutterstock – Visit Shutterstock and check out their massive selection of stock images for your designs. Be sure to use the promo code DEEP115 for a 20% discount on any subscription!
  • – Visit to start your 10 day free trial!

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