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Turning Down Work

Turning Down Work

Turning down work? Why would you ever do such a thing? Well, there are a multitude of legitimate reasons for not taking on a new client, project or fulltime job. Maybe you get a bad feeling from the client, don’t agree with the project goals, or maybe it just isn’t a good fit for whatever reason.

On this episode, the gang waxes philosophical on such reasons, pulling from their own varied experiences. We also tackle a new listener question about whether using WordPress is “cheating.”

Do you have any good stories of a time when you chose to turn down a job? What were the circumstances and how did you handle it? Tell your story in the comments section below!

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February 12, 2015

Turning down work is hard to do. Sometimes you even have to fire a client.


Mark JC

February 25, 2015

Thanks for this podcast. Great advice and a great help to put into perspective of the type of work to accept as a brand new freelancer.

Keep up the great podcasts!


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