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DesignCast 80: Any Questions??

DesignCast 80: Any Questions??

80 episodes have really flown by, and we celebrate this milestone with another listener question show! This time around, we answer all types of design-related questions sent in by you, our loyal listeners, via email, audio and twitter. So listen closely, we might have answered yours!

Topics we tackle include:

  • What were the catalysts that made us want to go out on our own? (as opposed to working for another company)
  • Are there any tax incentives for doing pro-bono design work?
  • How do you make sure the WordPress sites you design for clients are safe from hackers?
  • What are the negative implications for a less-than-ideal business name?
  • Are free Adobe competitor programs “good enough” to use?
  • When hiring a subcontractor through Elance or Odesk, do you eventually move away from that environment and pay them directly?
  • Do you ever doubt your design work is good enough when handing off a clomp to a client?

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February 26, 2015

Thanks for answering my question on this episode. Feeling honored! I listen all they time you guys are like family!


Chad Warner

March 2, 2015

I found this an informative episode. Thanks! However, I disagreed with your advice to avoid updating WordPress. One of the most common reasons WordPress sites are hacked is that they’re running outdated software. I included a few stats in my post Why update WordPress, plugins, and themes?

Yes, updates can break things, which is why it’s best to do updates on a development site first, or at least regularly back up the live site so you can revert if updates cause issues.

Keep the great episodes coming!



    March 19, 2015

    Yes! I was going to say the same thing – updating everything keeps hackers and malware out! :)


    Steve Wilkinson

    April 21, 2015

    Chad, same here!

    You ABSOLUTELY want to keep WordPress and plugins up-to-date. Not only that, you want to do it as quickly as possible within reason (i.e.: as quickly as you can test it yourself and/or research how things are going with early adopters… we’re talking a day or two here typically.) For example, just yesterday, some pretty big vulnerabilities were found in a bunch of the most popular WordPress plugins. A couple of weeks ago, major issues were found in core components of Web-hosting (i.e.: PHP, SSL) Don’t leave that stuff sit un-updated.

    And, here’s the thing… if updating regularly breaks things, then you need to find new plugins or a new theme (maybe a new designer if it’s a fully-custom theme… yet another reason I like modifying popular themes and NOT going fully custom). And, as Chad mentioned, it IS going to happen, so it is best to be hosted in an environment that makes such testing on a staging server, or at least a snapshot type site restore really easy. (That’s a reason all my client’s sites are on WP Engine, for example.)



March 14, 2015

Just a heads up. The Shutterstock coupon code doesn’t seem to work. Don’t know if it’s me or not. Just thought you might want to know in case something is wrong.



March 15, 2015

I’ve just been catching up on the latest episodes and I’m thrilled to hear that Mikelle is moving, or has already moved, to the Salt Lake area. I’m a huge fan of this podcast and have learned so much listening to all your advice. I hope your transition goes smoothly.
Welcome to Utah Mikelle.
From your conservative, mormon, neighbor fan.


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