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Is the Apple Watch for You?

Is the Apple Watch for You?

Designers worldwide have a natural affinity for all things Apple, but their latest innovation, the Apple Watch has people divided. In this episode, the gang breaks down the pros and cons of the new device, revealing what it can do, as well as its lengthy list of limitations. So where do we come down on it, and will any of us actually buy it? Listen and find out!

Keeping in the spirit of Apple, we answer a new listener question about whether or not designers actually need to use Apple computers over PCs.

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Steve Wilkinson

April 28, 2015

Wes, I’m not sure you’d want WiFi on it, both for battery life, but also health reasons. At least the Bluetooth is super-low power.

Some of the health stuff might be useful for certain medical markets, but for the average person, trying to calculate calories burned or steps taken, is kind of outdated health info already (though, granted, a lot of people still believe it to be important to track). I guess a reminder to get up and take a break is good.

Overall, I just don’t see the usefulness. If you’re into watches and think it’s cool, I guess that would be a reason to check it out. But until it’s more independent of the phone, it’s almost always just as easy to pull the phone out, IMO. But yea, it is a v1 product, and I’m sure as it becomes more capable, thinner, better battery, and especially, independent of the phone. it will start to be more compelling.


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