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DesignCast 90: Revenge of the Listener Questions

DesignCast 90: Revenge of the Listener Questions

With another milestone (90 episodes) comes another listener question show! We can’t get to all your amazing questions in our regular shows, but we certainly try our best to get through as many as we can every tenth episode. This time around, we answer your questions about:

  • Color matching and file prep between your monitor and print
  • Politely saying no to design “favors”
  • The idea of a base hourly price that all designers can agree on
  • Clients getting sidetracked by other designers when checking you out on Behance
  • How much to charge and what file format to provide when doing visual design for a web developer client
  • Cheaper alternatives to high-priced fonts
  • Pricing jobs for smaller vs. large clients

Keep the questions coming, guys! We hope yo answer yours next time around!

Show Links:

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  • – Visit to start your 10 day free trial!

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Sarah H

August 3, 2015

Good afternoon,

Just recently came across your blog and I have been truly enjoying listening to it during my work day! I am working towards getting a monthly membership with Shutterstock, and when going through the process of signing up/purchasing for invoice purposes for my company, I attempted to use the DEEP715 code and it keeps showing “Coupon Code is invalid.” I am wanting to purchase the Monthly Subscription of 1 Month, 350 Downloads per Month. Is there a direct contact at Shutterstock I can contact about this?

(I understand that you are not Shutterstock and it may be best to contact them directly, but wanted to check in here first.)

Thank you in advance!


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