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Design by Committee

Design by Committee

All designers have been the victim of having too many cooks in the kitchen at one point or another. Unfortunately, pleasing multiple people (and having to incorporate their input) is just a reality for any working designer. BUT, there are things you can do to sidestep, or at least minimize this scourge.

In this episode, the gang discusses the many reasons design by committee is so common, and we offer tips and practical, hard-learned advice that we use to stop pleasing “Peggy from accounting,” and focus on designing and building the best possible product.

We also answer an audio question about whether or not you can call yourself a web designer in the very beginning stages, when you may not have ACTUALLY designed any websites yet.

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Mike Baldwin

August 17, 2015

What a nightmare this subject is.

I had a client post every proof on their Facebook page asking for opinions from over 10,000 fans.

It took FOREVER to get this job done and I respectfully fired them.

Great podcast as usual!



August 25, 2015

Hey guys, love your podcast! Just wanted to let you know that the Shutterstock code doesn’t seem to work… I have tried to use it the last few months and it always tells me it’s invalid… Really weird!


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