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Running an Agency Remotely

Running an Agency Remotely

Most of us creative freelancers and solopreneurs have never thought about working out of an actual office space. High overheads, leases and actual employees are definite roadblocks, but there is good news: Running your business remotely can work quite well for most of us. But, are you doing it right?

In this episode, Wes interviews Matt Inglot, founder of Tilted Pixel, and host of Freelance Transformation Podcast about how he runs his successful agency thousands of miles away from most of his client base. We talk about why he decided to do this, the planning that went into it, and how he works with both clients and contractors all 100% remote.

We also have a discussion about how running your business remotely can allow for plenty of travel.

Matt has a well thought out process for practically every aspect of his business, so listen close for ways to streamline your remote agency for maximum efficiency. Because as Matt says, your clients should never feel that you aren’t physically there.

We also answer a listener question about how to get bigger clients with better budgets.

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