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Finding a Graphic Design Job After Graduation

Finding a Graphic Design Job After Graduation

Well it’s summer, and that means lazy beach days and tropical cocktails consumed from hollowed out fruit shells. Unless of course, if you’re a recent design school graduate, in which case you better be busting your ass trying to find a job! In this episode, we have Dustin Pearce sitting in with us to tell his epic saga of graduation, waiting, disappointment, inspiration and redemption. He has a lot of great firsthand advice to impart, so if you’re working on finding a graphic design job after graduation, are still in school, or on the job hunt in general, you will get a lot out of this conversation.


We also answer a few more listener questions about good websites where you can pick up some freelance work, and how (or if) you should tell your boss that their creative talent is sorely lacking.

Watch Dustin’s Video:

Job Search Marathon from Dustin Pearce on Vimeo.

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Wes McDowell

August 5, 2013

Sorry Pete, making some site updates, and working out the kinks.



August 8, 2013

This podcast was absolute gold. I had to run to the website to see the vid you guys were talking about. Niiiiice!


Josh Barton • Barton Designs

August 13, 2013

Hey Wes!

I just wanted to send a quick message and let you know I totally dig your podcasts! They are a super GREAT resource for me as I am a freelance designer in the SF Bay Area. You can check some of my work on my site at **Self Plug Woo!**

I was listening to your “Finding a Graphic Design Job after Graduation” podcast, and I felt SO sorry for Dustin!! I can’t believe people go through that much trouble to get a “job job” for design. My best suggestion as a beginner is to find design jobs as a freelancer off of Craigslist in your area. I did this and worked other full time jobs for 6-7 years. It provided me with a decent supplementary income, but most importantly, it gave me a diverse clientele with diverse needs!

[[ WARNING: a lot of jokers can be found on Craigslist… but sometimes that’s a good thing because it’s best to learn the hard way! ]]

As I mentioned before, I felt so sorry for the Dustin! Yes, I do have 6-7 years of freelance experience behind me, but for me, I simply clicked on a random link from my own website’s google ads campaign (lol), it lead to a local graphic talent agency, I casually submitted my website and portfolio thinking nothing of it… and within a WEEK I was working for Levi’s! No college or design degree for me btw… all self taught!

I’m currently taking an early lunch, but working on a awesomely huge 300-page Winter Product Catalog… such a rad opportunity and a great place to work! There’s hottie models everywhere, everyone is super casual, and there are UNLIMITED FREE espresso drinks with a barista working on every floor!

All the best, keep these great podcasts coming!


Coy Townson

August 22, 2013

Enjoying the podcast and want to say “Well done!” to Dustin for his video.



grant l. tompkins

August 22, 2013

Linked in has loads of jobs, particularly in the corporate world. Check the jobs tab. Not so much for short term free lance work, but more of employers looking for employees. It is a great resource if you want that kind of job.


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