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When Good Client Relationships Go Bad (& What We Learned)

When Good Client Relationships Go Bad (& What We Learned)

We love our clients! Ok, ALMOST all of them. Every now and then, we get a client who maybe doesn’t make things easy on us, but you know what?

We’re GRATEFUL for those ones. Because there’s a lot to be learned from those failed relationships. Particularly: “what could we have done to have prevented this?”

In this last episode of 2018, the gang each tells a recent heartwarming tale of woe involving a client relationship that went south for one reason or another. We get real, and we go deep into it, fair warning.

But in the end, we each learned a valuable lesson about what we did wrong, and what we can do better next time. It’s a rollercoaster-ride of emotion, and we’re here for it.

We also answer a new listener question about that pesky topic of client content, and how to move that process along.

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Alicia B Hanson

December 19, 2018

When you guys say Screen Share, what program are you using?


    Wes McDowell

    January 2, 2019

    Usually Skype. Hope that helps!


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