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Freelance Design or Fulltime Gig?

Freelance Design or Fulltime Gig?

While there are many different types of graphic and web design gigs out there, they generally fall into two separate categories: freelancing on your own, or going to work for a company. We’ve all done both, and know that each scenario comes with its own set of pros and pitfalls. In this episode, the gang discusses what we prefer personally, as well as what you should consider when weighing out your options.

We also answer a new audio listener question about delivering logo files to a client.

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Fresh Coast Creatives

July 21, 2014

Great show today y’all! I have recently started a new design studio by the name of Fresh Coast Creatives. I’m late nighting it right now with a drafting and design ‘day job’ at a large fire and security corporation. Plus I have a wife and a two year old; although, the toddler did help me get into the swing of life without sleep. But I just landed my first web job, and it is a logo and front page design for a mid sized corporation that has developed a new construction management web based software. They are being used by Lowes in 3 states and are pitching to Lowes corporate world wide in a month. I was told that if this project went well they had several other projects in need of full branding. This could be it! You guy’s have been the key to launching my career. Thank you so much for all you do!!!


Strange Matt

July 28, 2014

Good job guys, another great episode!
I can totally relate to what you said, especially that I started my own freelance gig with my partner recently.
I was working full time in retail which I’m not a big fan of, but like all of us designers – we need to start somewhere and bills have to get paid. I spent plenty of my free time preparing the web and graphic content and saved some money ‘just in case’ before we started, and I totally agree that freelancers should never start their own gig without saving some money first.
Starting up your own freelance practice is a long process and potential clients won’t find us just because we set up our own website, it’s hard work to get ourselves up there.
It’s extremely demotivating when after all the hard work we invested in our work, we just simply can’t get any good clients, but I think it’s just like Nick said, we need to be patient, keep up the good work and don’t give up, it will take time before things starts coming together.
Again, thank you very much for your hard work, you guys are amazing :D


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