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I’ve Made a Huge Mistake! Now What?

I’ve Made a Huge Mistake! Now What?

Its true what they say — $&!# happens. It just sucks when it happens in business, particularly when it happens in front of a client. But when life throws you a curveball, its all in how you handle the situation.

In this episode, the gang tells some pretty candid and horrific stories about past mistakes, how we handled them, and what we learned from them. So listen carefully, and you just may save yourself from making the same mistakes we did. Even if you don’t learn anything, you can still take joy in our misfortunes. The Germans have a special word for that: schadenfreude. See, you’re learning already!

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What is the biggest mistake you’ve made and how did you deal with it? Leave your story  in the comment section below.

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phoenix website design company

October 2, 2012

This is awesome. i am glad I came across your site and podcasts. A bunch of use tried getting a podcast together but didn’t end up following through. This specific one is great for people to pay attention bc we all have made mistakes and it’s all about how to handle them and what you learned from them. Thanks, great job guys!



November 20, 2012

great podcast. I learned so much in this little amount of time. God Bless



April 15, 2014

Hey, I’ve been listening episode-by-episode and have learned so much. This one meant so much to me, though, because I really kill myself over my mistakes small and large. It was such a relief to hear your stories and realize: Everyone screws up sometimes! Therapy in a podcast–Thanks!


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